Covid-19 updates in Brief – Part # 18

BA-2, Omicron's sub variant

        Covid-19 Updates in Brief,  Part # 18


Thank God,  Covid-19 cases decreased   in many parts  of  our world  . Researchers and scientists have developed Covid-19 vaccines. These vaccines are the only known reliable source to protect from Covid-19. Unfortunately, these vaccine do have some side effects. Some side effects of these vaccines appear after 6 months of vaccination. Scientists and researchers are trying their best to eliminate such side effects. This is a tedious job and need patience and a vast knowledge. It might take a long time to develop a 100 % safe vaccine for human.

At the moment, scientists are focusing full attention to improve the present Covid-19 vaccines. That’s why other Covid-19 updates are very rare to publish. Moreover , researchers/scientists have gained enough knowledge about Covid, and there is very little more to discover. You must have noticed that Covid-19 updates in brief ‘s volume is becoming less and less every fortnightly. Reason behind it is that researchers have to wait for a long time for clinical results of vaccination. This period can be years long.

Covid-19 Updates in Brief , part # 17 covered a time period from April 1st to April 15, 2022.  Covid-19 Updates in Brief, part # 18 will cover a period of time from April 16, 2022 to April 30.2022.


  • mRNA Covid-19 vaccines and heart inflation.
  • New Covid-19  vaccine booster.
  • BA.2.12.1 A new sub variant of Omicron.


mRNA Covid-19 vaccines and heart inflation.


A meta analysis  published in ” The Lancet Respiratory Medicine ” shows the following results:

  • Present studies concluded that Covid-19 vaccines may increase the risk of heart inflammation . It could be a danger.
  • A combined  analysis  from previous 22 studies shows that , heart inflammation risk after a Covid-19 vaccine is similar to  that following vaccination against other diseases.
  • Male  and people under the age of 30 years, were at a higher risk of heart inflammation. Especially after the 2nd dose.
  • Above data shows that risk of heart inflammation after having Covid-19 vaccine is low.

New Covid vaccine booster.

  • The drug maker Moderna announced on April 19, 2022 that  their updated  mRNA Covid-19  booster has shown better protection against several SARS-CoV-2 variant including Omicron.
  • The booster was designed to target two variants, the original variant and the Beta variant. The vaccine is also more effective against the original, Beta and Omicron variant, 6 months after administration.
  • The new booster is called 1273.211.

BA.2.12.1. A new sub variant of Omicron.

  • BA.2.12.1. a new sub variant of of BA.2 sub variant of Omicron is spreading rapidly in the U.S.A. and overtaking the BA.2  Omicron sub variant.
  • Up till now, very little is  known about this sub variant. However it appears it will be highly transmissible .


mRNA Covid-19 vaccine and heart inflammation.

It was observed in several studies that risk of  heart inflammation  after mRNA Covid-19 vaccination is real , but fairly mild and extremely rare.

  • Many studies show that adolescents and young males have a higher risk , especially after 2nd dose.





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