Covid-19, Updates in brief, Part-7

Mu variant

    Covid-19 updates in brief, Part # 7.

Covid -19 has taken millions  human lives. It is not fully under control yet. Scientists and researchers all investigating its side effects. Many hidden affects are known now. We are trying to let the people know about new findings and researches. It is suggested to read “ Covid-19 updates in brief , part -6 ” to be fully informed.

List of contents:

  • New findings published by healthline,com from October 01,2021 to October 15, 2021.
  • New findings published by from October 01, 2021 to October 15, 2021.

Updates in brief published in

  • Researchers have found that death rate from Covid-19 is surprisingly higher in Black, Native American and Latino communities than other groups.
  • The causes of above difference are medical conditions, unequal approach to healthcare services and jobs demanding to work closely with the public.
  • Experts pointed out that Covid-19 pandemic has urged to improve medical services, housing and job opportunities for colour communities.
  • It is also revealed that  older black American are  at higher risk of dying from Covid-19 than most of the population.
  • One factor is that older Black American usually have sever medical condition.
  • The second factor : Many old Black American live in multigenerational homes where coronavirus can spread easily.
  • In addition, the elder Black American may be more reluctant to get tested or seek treatment , because of mistrust of healthcare performance.
  • A Nordic study involving Finland, Sweden , Norway and Denmark found that men under the age of 30, who received Modena Spikevax , had a slightly higher risk than others developing “Myocarditis “, said Mika Salminen, PhD, Director of the Finnish Health Institute , told Reuters.
  • Some women may experience temporary changes in menstrual volume and menstrual cycle length due to Vovid-19 .
  • The most commonly observed changes were lighter than normal period. An increased menstrual cycle length was also observed.
  • Sex hormones levels has no significantly changes with Covid-19 and those without Covid-19.
  • “Outbreak info.” a website that tracks the coronavirus and its variants globally, revealed in their data, there have been no case of Mu variant detected in the U.S. in the past 7 days.
  • People who recovered from Covid-19 have a higher risk of stroke, heart attack and other cardiovascular problems even months late.
  • Heart disease is currently leading cause death in the U.S.
  • More than 44 million American and 237 million people world wide have  survived from Covid-19.


Updates in brief, published in ””.

  • Researchers are hopeful that people who have had Covid-19 and later received the first dose of  mRNA vaccine, will develop exceptional immunity against a wide range of variants of the virus.
  • These individual could have some protection against similar virus that may jump from animals to humans to cause further pandemics .
  • People who recovered from Covid-19, and later have a first dose of vaccine have stronger immunity than they would otherwise. This is because their immunity system recognizes all 25 proteins that make up a SARS-2 virus.
  • It was very little flu activity last year, experts think, the  2021-2022 flu season may be more difficult.
  • A new study has found that a drug combination involving the antiviral interfaces -alpha  and nafamostat effectively combatted SARS-2 infection. The drug combination inhibited SARS-2 replication in cell culture . In animal study it showed a lower concentration than the individual drug.
  • A study conducted by the University of Toronto ( Canada) and appeared in the ” Canadian Medical Association Journal ( CMAJ) shows that :
  • New variants of SARS-2 are more violent and transmissible than the original variant of the virus.
  • Health experts associated these variants of  concern  (vocs) , with increased risk hospitalization , intensive care unit (icu)admission and death.
  • Vaccination reduces the risk of severe diseases and death even with vocs.
  • Scientists have identified a genetic link between development of Alzheimer and severe Covid-19 outcome.
  • Scientists also identified that  the same immune system changes in both diseases.
  • Experts have detected the R-1 variant of SARS-2Cov-2 around the world since late 2020.
  • The variant shares some mutations with other variants that are more infectious.
  • However, scientists say that  R-1 variant is not of concern and that the Delta variant is still dominant in many countries.



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