Health Tips # 2

                                 Health Tips  #  2

Table of contents:

  • Vitamin – C.
  • Eat fish.
  • Eat Cucumber.
  • How to lower S. Creatinine level.

Vitamin C play important role to increase health  recovery in Paralysis

American health specialists have said that Vitamin C is a great helper to cure Paralysis and  High blood pressure. Health specialists of Howard University revealed after a long research that Vitamin C is very effective to fight against high cholesterol, muscle cramps, bones diseases, nails weakness, allergy and dry skin. According to Health Specialists, cold is a common disease in winter season and Vitamin C is a best remedy to save from it. A person needs 75 mg to 90 mg Vitamin C  every day. Orange, specially Kinno is a natural rich source of Vitamin C.

Eat fish regularly and live longer

Although nutritionists advise to eat fish at least 3 times in a week, now new research say that it is proved that people eating fish regularly live longer. Because fish keep our body healthy and strong to face many diseases.

Eat fish regularly to be strong and healthy

Cucumber – Treasure of Health and Nutrition

Many people consider cucumber as an inferior vegetable and food of the poor. In fact, cucumber has many ingredients which protect us from many diseases.

1. Cucumber has 95 % water which keeps our body water level in normal range.
2. Cucumber juice helps our pancreas to produce insulin in natural way, to protect us being diabetic.
3. Cucumber helps to keep cholesterol in normal range.
4. Cucumber has 3 very important ingredients which play important role to reduce danger of many types of cancer.
5. Cucumber reduce obesity. It is very useful for ladies who want to remain slim.
6. Eat cucumber regularly and get rid of constipation.
7. Eat cucumber regularly and your face and skin will remain ever fresh.
8. Keep a piece of cucumber on your eyes.It will eliminate eye inflammation and will remove dark circles around eyes.

Eat cucumber and stay healthy.

How to lower S. Creatinine Level

Creatine is a natural compound made in our liver. It is transported to to our muscles where it is used for energy. Unused creatine  converts into creatinine, a waste product. Human kidney purifies  our blood and harmful elements are thrown out of our body via urine. Creatinine level in human body is as under :

Male :  o.7 – 1.3 mg/dl
Female :  0.6 – 1.1 mg/dl .  S. Creatinine more than above range shows kidney problems

Now question arises how to lower the S. Creatinine ? Specialists have suggested the following steps :

1.  Cut back on vigorous exercise
2. Dont take supplements containing creatine. (Medicines used by body builders contain creatine)
3. Reduce your protein intake
4. Eat more fiber
5. Drink lot of water (Consult your doctor for quantity). Dehydration can raise creatinine level
6. Try Chitosan supplements. Chitosan is a dietary supplement mostly used by people hoping to lose weight or cholesterol (Consult your doctor before using this supplement)
7. Certain medicines used for high blood  pressure have bad side effects on kidney. Consult your doctor before using such medicines
8. Eat white colour vegetables as salad . Radish, Turnip, Pumpkin and Cauliflower produce less creatine. This is a proven method used by my self. I started eating white colour vegetable as salad and i was able to lower my  S. Creatinine level from 2.4 mg/dl  to 1.7 mg/dl.

May Almighty Allah keep you safe from any disease 

SOURCE: Healthline

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