Let Us Extend Our Helping Hands

extend helping hands

List of contents:

  • Help each others.
  • How to help.
  • Last word.

Helping others is a good nature. We all want to help others . Help does not bound to giving some money . Some words of sympathy, sharing one’s sorrow. Giving clothes to needy people , feeding a hungry person etc are some examples of helping others. A question arises here. To whom we should help ? We all live in a certain community and we know every one living around us. There could be some people/families who don’t ask for help but they really need help. They are so self respecting that they are ashamed to ask for help.It is quite possible that they don’t have money for their children tuition fee, they don’t have enough money to buy their daily food etc. These are the people who need our help. I would like to explain it with a real story. In my early age i was studying in a high school. One of our class mate ( I will not mention his name) use to wear a very clean dress every day. We all students believed that he belonged to a well established family. One day I asked that boy  “Your father must be well earning to provide you clean dress to wear every day”. He told me seriously “You are the very first friend i am telling this secret. My father died when i was 6 years old. My mother works as domestic helper. I attend the school in the morning and i work in a workshop in the after noon. I have only one shirt and this trouser i am wearing now. My mother wash my dress daily which i wear in the school”. This type of self respecting people really deserve our helping hands.

  • How to help.

Helping needy people individually in such a way that no second person know about it, is a noble way. The other way is to form a Mohalla committee. Donations can be deposited with the committee The committee members will decide to grant aid to deserve people. This aid should not be given in an assembly and name of receiving person/family should not be announced publicly. It is better to provide them some instruments to start their own small business. They should be provided necessary guidance to improve their business.
Another way to help people collectively is to donate for victims of flood, earthquake, fire, famine and other natural disasters. In such case; usually Government  or NGOs open a bank account where donations can be deposited. Government or NGOs will arrange necessary help to the victims.

Last Word
* Helping others is a good nature.
* The best way to extend our helping hands is to help the people in our community.
* We should contribute to the best of our ability to help victims of natural disasters.

May God grant us the ability and power to extend our helping hands to the one who deserve

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