Production of Forged Commodities

Production of Forged Commodities

Table of contents:

  • Forged Commodities.
  • Medicines.
  • Food.
  • What to do.
  • Big question.
  • An attempt.

Forged commodities.

We, human being  have some bad habits. Greed is one of them. Greedy people sometimes act in such a way that a great part of country  population is affected in the result of their acts. The  forged production of commodities is one of their acts. The forged production of medicine, food items , cola drinks are common. We will discuss them one by one :

Medicines :

Sickness or illness is a part of our lives. We take medicines prescribed by  the doctors, but we don’t feel any relief in our illness. Why? Is there something wrong in medicines ? Do the medicines have exact quantity  of the ingredients ? We can not judge or examine  it at home. The  manufacturers of medicine play their game in the process of mixing ingredients. They will reduce the quantity of expensive ingredients and add something inexpensive to keep a certain weight of medicines. “Less effective ingredient, less its effects”. This is the reason why patients do not  get cured soon.

Some time, the medicine companies copy and print the packing of a foreign expensive medicine, including bottle and label . Bottle are filled with capsules or pills made by any  harmless material and sold it at high price. In case of liquid , sugar, some chemicals and artificial colours  are added  to look the medicine like the original one. In this way , they will earn 300 to 400% profit .

Medicines in capsule shape are another way to cheat the patients. Capsules are filled with  powder of  any inexpensive material , such as calcium, starch etc. Imagine how such medicines will effect on patients .. Cough syrups are easy target of forgery.


Food items are more easy to produce fake items. Let us discuss them one by one :

1- Milk:

In our country, milk is distributed through Milkman or Gwala, who supply milk daily to his customer  and collect its price in the first week of every month. This supplied milk some time is not pure. This milk is made some where in remote areas and supplied to the cities. To make such milk following items are needed :

1 – Powder soap such as Surf, brite etc  …..      2 packets.
2 – Banaspati Ghee or cooking oil        ….       1 liter.
3 – Powder milk                                        ……    2 kg
4 – Sugar                                                      …..    1 kg
5 – Fertilizer                                                …..    5 kg
6 – Chemical  (name not known)             …..   1/2 ltr
Water                                                             ….    30 Ltr

Above item are mixed together and then blown for some time. And around 35 liter milk is ready to supply. Such milk is a little bit yellowish. Pure buffalo milk is always white and small pieces of white butter  are seen floating over surface of milk.  Small drops of oil can be seen floating over surface of artificial milk.  Food Authority of Punjab Government is inspecting all trucks  carrying milk  and entering to big cities. 90% of such milk is found artificial and  destroyed at the spot.

2 – Some companies invented a method to whiten ordinary water which looks like milk. They make the water white, mix some other ingredients to look and taste like milk, and sold in the market as milk. Ex Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr Justice Nisar Saqib took action against such milk.  The manufacturers of such milk were ordered to write clearly on packing that ” This is not milk “.

2- Spices:

Spices are used in food cooking and to make the food delicious. Let us talk about them one by one :                                                                    1 –  Red Chilies : Grinned red chilies are available in packets. Usually colored wood sawdust is mixed with red chilies .Powder of red soil bricks is also added to increase weight.                                                      2 – Coriander  :  Usually wood sawdust is mixed with coriander as both have the same colour.

3- Haleem:

Haleem is a delicious food eaten with bread. Haleem has 3 main ingredients : Meat (boneless, in small pieces) , Crushed wheat and 3 types of Dall. All items are mixed together. Other spices are added to make more tasty . The mixture is put on fire for a long time. When it becomes like a paste, it is grinded  by hand . In this way, the meat spreads into small pieces like thread. To cook Haleem need time and labour. The greedy people did not spare this delicious food. I would like to share a story of my friend who used to eat Haleem at a street shop near Lahore railway station. It happened that one day he ate Haleem at another place. He found that the taste of this Haleem is better than the Haleem shop near railway station. Next day, he asked the owner of Haleem shop near railway station that he is in hurry and have no time to eat Haleem as usual at  his shop . He took Haleem  in a plastic shopper and went home. There he put Haleem in a strainer and started to wash it . The curry washed out and what was left were cotton thread, pieces of kite string. Kite string is usually very strong . During preparation of kite string , certain chemical and coloured are used to make the string strong. The tiny pieces of glass are mixed with the material and applied to kite string. The Haleem man used to add kite string instead of meat. I could not understand how such people play with other’s health. Don’t they believe they will be made  present in front of  Al-Mighty Allah and will be questioned  about this crime.

4- Eggs:

Eggs are an important item of our food. People eat it in breakfast. There are news that artificial eggs are being supplied to different stores in Karachi.

5- Desi Ghee:

50 to 60 years ago, residents of villages do not know about Banaspati Ghee. They always use Desi Ghee in food cooking. Desi Ghee is full of energy and makes the human body strong. Time passed and now a days 50% of the  population   in villages use cooking oil or Banaspati Ghee for cooking. Desi Ghee cost Rs.900/- a kilo where as cooking oil is around Rs.200/- a litre. When you buy Desi Ghee, you are not sure  it is 100% pure, even if ghee is extracted from butter in front of your eyes. People are   very clever these days.In villages (may be in towns also), in the morning, fresh milk is put on slow fire for whole day. A thick layer of cream appear on top of milk. This milk with cream and fresh milk in the evening are mixed in a big burnt soil pot called ” Chaati ” for whole night. Here comes a trick. The house wife add 2 or 3 kilo of Banaspati Ghee or cooking oil ( depending on quantity of milk in Chaati), in the milk in Chaati. A little quantity of ” Lassi ” (diluted crude milk) is added to milk to convert the milk to yogurt .  In the morning , this yogurt is blown either  manually or with electric Mudhani. The butter comes on top of milk , and is collected and kept in a pot. Later on this butter is heated slightly and unwanted bits of Lassi are thrown away. What is left after taking butter from chati, is called “Lassi “, full of calcium and other ingredients necessary for good health. In Turkey, such Lassi is sold in sealed bottles . They call it ” Iron “. The ghee is collected now and will be sold @ Rs.900/- a kilo. Banaspati Ghee or cooking oil added are now mixed with Desi Ghee  and have the same smell as Desi Ghee.


6- Cola drinks:

We have become habitual  of  cola drinks, weather we are thirsty or attending an occasion. There are not enough production plants of such colas to meet re requirements. Criminal people take advantage of this situation . They fill the bottle of famous brand with cheep and artificial flavour , colour and mix screen instead of sugar. Such cola drinks have a different taste. Usually such illegal factories are found in congested areas and in far places and their products are sold in villages.

It looks  such criminal people have some fluence in the Government. Many people were arrested in raids , but no result. They might pay under table and they are Mr. clean.

What to do?

There should be a death penalty for such crimes. Once 2 or 4 persons are hung , other will stop to do such crime.

Big question:

Who will pass such law in our assemblies ? If you dig deeper , terrible findings will be disclosed.

An attempt:

Include ” Hate forgery ” in the syllabus of primary school books. Teacher should try to embed it in students’ minds, and be hopeful they will not do such crime, when they grow up.

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