New Researches # 1

New researches  #  1

Table of contents:

  • Loose shake hands
  • Diabetic people should eat green Apple.
  • Fruits, vegetables and grain reduce depression level.

Today is atomic age and we hear new researches every day. These researches cover every part of our life. Scientists and Researchers are discovering new horizons of our life, health, diseases, culture, behaviour  and many other topics. These researches are very interesting and some times are against our previous believe. feel pleasure to share these researches to the viewers of . Kindly feed back us if  you like this topic. We will wait for your suggestions to improve your own website i.e .

Research # 1 – Loose shake-hands can get heart problems easily

 Medical researchers in Britain has discovered that people who shake hands with strong  hand grips are more safe from heart diseases as compared to the loosely hand shakers. People who shake hands lazily, become hart patient easily. Dr. Stephen Peterson , Medical researcher of Queen Merry University of London says that strong grip of hands is connected with heart health and its functions, and loose  grip of hands is a easy way to diagnose heart diseases.

Research # 2 – Diabetic people should eat green  apples

“An apple a day , keeps the doctor away ” is an old saying showing the importance to eat apples. Apple is considered a tonic for human body. It has almost all necessary ingredients  needed for our body. See below  :

Amount per  100 grams :
Calories                =   52
Fat                         =   0.2 g
Cholestrol             =   0  g
Sodium                  =   1 g
Potasium               =   107 mg
Carbohydrates      =   14 g
Dietry Fiber          =   2.4 g
Sugar                     =   10 g
Protien                   =   0.3 g
Calcium                  =  6 g
Iron                         =  0.12 g
Magesium              =  5 mg
Zinc                         =  0.04 mg
Vitamin  A               =  54 mg
Vitamin C                =  4.6 mg
Vitamin E                =  0.18 mg
Vitamin K                =  2.2 mg

Above table shows that 100 grams of apple has all necessary elements needed for a normal human body. Diabetic people should consider the sugar in apple which is 10 grams in 100 grams apple, and can increase blood sugar level immediately.

In diabetic people. Although diabetes specialists allow to eat one apple a day. New research show that a green apple  has less sugar as compared to a red apple.

It is advised that diabetic people should eat green apple , which has less sugar, to get  its all benefits. In this way the blood sugar level will not shoot up. So please play the safe game.

Research # 3 – Fruits, vegetables and grains reduce depression level up to 10%

  • According to British news papers , peoples who eat processed  food  and sugar rich food are the easy victim of depression. Eating fruits, vegetables and grains can reduce the danger of depression up to 10%.  Researchers say that more research is needed to find out relations between food and brain health.
  • According to a new research in New Zealand, one can be cured from psychological disorder with in two weeks by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables eaters show a positive improvement in above disease. Bear in mind that doctors recommend vegetables with dark green colour leaves like cucumber. carrot , apple, banana and sour fruits like orange, lemon etc.
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and stay healthy.

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