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Homeopathic Clinic, Patient # 235                                        -237

Table of content:

  • Patient # 235 — Sever hiccough.
  • Patient # 236 — Arms  go to sleep. ( Numb).
  • Patient # 237 — Strange feelings.

Patient # 235. –   Sh. Jameel Ahmad from Lahore.

I am 65 years old ,. I have sever hiccough since last month. I will be grateful if you kindly advise  me a homeopathic medicine to cure my hiccough.

Reply from Homeopathic Clinic:

Homeopathic system of medicine depend on the symptoms of the illness. You did not mention any symptom . We are writing down some Homeo medicine for hiccough. Chose one which is similar to the symptoms of your illness.

  • Belladona 6 ; ——–Dry mouth, tongue red on edges, strong dislike to meat and milk. heart seems too large, rapid but weakened pulse, dry skin, swollen, restless sleep, hiccough with belch.
  • Cicuta Virosa  6 ——Vertigo, difficult hearing, dry throat, hiccough with full force,  chest feel tight,
  • Sulphuric  Acid 6 : ——-Unwilling to answer questions, cold sweat, sour vomiting, hiccough of all types.
  • Kreosotum 30 : ——Hiccough of pregnant women, menstrual headache ,offensive smell and discharge from nose, dry skin.
  • Natrum Muriaticum :  —– The first choice for hiccough,  ill effects of grief, fright and anger, depressed, irritable, wants to be alone to cry, weakness, constipation, fever with no thrust, feel relief in open air,
  • Sulphuric Acid: ——- heartburn, water causes coldness of stomach, desire for fresh food. hiccough, early menstruation in women, jerking of figures while writing, gums bleed readily.

Follow the instructions of your Homeo doctor. Take the medicine as advised.

Patient # 236 , M. Safdar from Sargodha.

I am a business man, 68 years old , with  little bit fat body . I have a problem since last year. When i sleep, my arms ” go to sleep”, and feel numb. . If i sit  for one hour without moving from my seat, my hip and thighs feel sleepy. During night, can not sleep from worries. I have great desire to be  left alone, which is impossible due to my business. I am little bit shy and bashful. Some time i feel as if time is passing very slowly. All these things are  affecting on my business. Kindly help me and prescribe a suitable Homeopathic medicine to eliminate above symptoms.


Keeping in view all symptoms you mentioned, i suggest the following Homeo medicine:

Ambrea Grisea 200. ——— Pour 4 drops of this medicine in 1/2  glass of clean water and drink it 2 hour after your dinner before sleep. Take one dose daily for one week, then 2 times a week. When you feel  relief, stop taking the medicine. A single dose every month will keep you away from above symptoms.

Patient # 237.    Manzoor Ahmad , from Multan.

I an 24 years old with medium height and weight. I have a strange feeling . I feel that i am becoming short in my height. I expressed my feelings to some of my friends and they laughed and called me whimsical. I tried my best not to think  about it, but i failed. I heard that there are some Homeopathic medicine which are very helpful to get rid of such strange feelings. Kindly advise me any medicine .

Treatment :

First of all do one thing. Keep yourself busy . Do any work, reading or writing. Take the following Homeo medicine :

Hydrastis  200. ——– Pour 3 drops of medicine in 1/2 glass of clean water and drink  it 1/2 hour before your breakfast . Continue for 1 month. you will feel well with in this period. After that  period, drink 2 dose in one month. When you feel relief, stop taking the medicine. Do not drink tea, coffee and do not smoke tobacco 1/2 hour  before and after taking the medicine. These items will neutralize the effects of the medicine.

We recommend you to read How to take Homeo Medicines .


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