Beat The Heat

Beat the heat.

It  is summer season in Pakistan these days. At some places temperature rises up to 49 degree centigrade. Some places are facing heat wave. Electricity load shedding  is another pain, It is really very hard to work under the burning sun. Every one is sweating  and soon become thirsty. To drink a lot of water is compulsory. Simple water some times does not quench the thirst , and need specially made drinks. Many people are serving such drinks. Some of them are:

1.  Sattu :  Sattu is made of Barley rough powder, Desi Shakkar  (brown sugar), ice and water. To drink Sattu is the best way to cool down body temperature without any side effect.

2.  Faalsa Juice :  Faalsa (a sub-acid fruit)  also cools down body temperature. Faalsa, sugar, salt and water is mixed and blended, put them in ice and is served. It is a delicious drink.

3.  Tamarind and Plum Syrup :  Another natural and delicious syrup to lower body temperature. Tamarind and plum are soaked in water over night, then filtered in the morning to separate their seeds. Sugar  and more water is mixed and syrup is ready. It is served ice cooled.

4.  Sugar Cane Juice :  Sugar cane is put between two rolling stain less rollers which are driven by an electric motor. Juice is collected and served with ice. A lemon and salt is also added to make it more delicious. This juice cures some lever diseases.

5.  Lassi : Milk is put in a big pot (called Chati). A little amount of yogurt is mixed with it and kept  over night. A chemical process takes place in the milk and milk becomes in a solid yogurt shape. Early morning the yogurt is blown. Pure cream comes on top of the milk and is collected. What is left, is Lassi. It has all the ingredients of pure milk. Since it is blown in a big pot “Chati”, it is name as Lassi of Chati. Look at the picture, it is advertised as ” Lassi of Pure and Best Chati” means Chati is pure and best and not the Lassi. I am not sure that Lassi is pure and best. It should be “Pure and Best Lassi of Chati”. In Turkey, Lassi is sold in sealed bottles called as Iron.

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