Blood sugar Level chart

Insulin, is a life saving medicine.

Blood Sugar Level Chart,

Blood sugar level  chart is a useful tool to know where our blood sugar stands. By examining Blood Sugar Level Chart, we can judge if :

  • We are taking the prescribed medications in the right quantity  at right time.
  • We are injecting  the right amount of Insulin at right time.
  • The injected insulin quantity is less or more.  In case of less or excess quantity,   it is the  time to consult a doctor immediately  and have his/her advise.

It is not necessary that two different people of different age should have the same blood sugar levels. Young, children, teenagers, adults and senior citizen may have different blood sugar goals. If you like more details about Diabetes, pl. read ” Are you diabetic ? ,  Part -1 “.


  • Diabetes management.
  • What is HbA1c test ?.
  • Blood sugar level chart.
  • Hyperglycemia.
  • Hypoglycemia.
  • Last words.

Diabetes management:

Diabetes is now  an international disease No country in our world is Diabetes free country. Backward countries do not have  enough sources to control the diabetes. Diabetes is a life time disease. Pancreas in our body produce a Harmon called ” Insulin” . Insulin travels with blood and burn glucose in our muscles and provide strength to them. When by any reason, our pancreas produce less or stop producing insulin totally, this condition is called ” Diabetes “. Diabetes is classified in two groups :

Diabetes type 1:

Diabetes type 1 is usually found in children. In this type of Diabetes , the pancreas does not produce  any insulin. Such diabetic person are compel to inject insulin daily without fail for their whole life.. The medication in tablets form do not help in this condition.


Diabetes type 2 :

Diabetes type 2 usually appear due to our self carelessness like ”

  • Taking too much sugar , or drinking syrups/juices.
  • Eating foods contain  large amount of carburates.
  • Lack of daily athletic exercise .
  • Sitting the whole day and no exercise.

Diabetes type 2 treatment

Once a person becomes diabetic, it can not be fully cured. To reduce the symptom of diabetes, there are two methods available now a days :

Number 1  =====  Medications.

In the beginning of diabetes, Sulpha  drugs are used . Sulpha drugs  compel the pancreas to produce more  insulin. Continuous use of these drugs weaken the pancreas and pancreas become  weak and then ” dead”.

Number 2 ====== Insulin:

When our pancreas does not produce more insulin, or very less insulin, this is the time to switch to take insulin  injection. There are many types of insulin, having different effects; These are :

  • very short acting insulin “Lispro “:

It start working within 5 minutes , work best for 1/2 hours and end with in 3 hours. It is usually used in emergencies.

  • Regular insulin:

Regular insulin start working 1/2 hour after  injected. It reaches to its peak with in 2 hours and remain at its peak for 4 hours. And ends with in 2 hour. Regular insulin has  too much ups and downs.

  • Short acting or NPH insulin:

Short acting insulin start working 2 hours after injected . It works best 6-10 hours and end 18 to 24 hours. If it is mixed with Regular  insulin, it reduces the ups and down of regular insulin.

  • Lente: Intermediate acting insulin:

Lente insulin start working 1-2 hours, works best for 8-12 hours and ends 18-24 hours.

  • Ultra Lente : Long acting insulin :

Long acting insulin start working 4-6 hours , work best for 10-18 hours and ends 24-28 hours.

  • Combinations :

Number 1 ======     70% NPH + 30 % Regular.

This combination is widely used to control diabetes. It is available premixed from the drug stores. In this combination, 30% Regular insulin starts working  within 1/2 hours and before it ends, NPH  70 % ‘s  starts  working.

My personal experience:

I have been infecting myself  70/30 insulin  for 9 years. I felt difficulty to  manage control of my blood sugar level. If i took 22 units of 70/30 insulin, my blood sugar level remain above the safe level of blood sugar  2 hour after my breakfast . I tried 24 units of 70/30 insulin before my breakfast,  The   hypoglycemia appear after 3 hours. I consulted my doctor. On his advise, i shifted to 50/50 insulin. I buy one regular insulin and one NPH insulin. I fill  10 units of regular insulin  and 12 units of    NPH insulin. I keep stick control on my diets and i am able to have 5.7 % of HbA1c test. 

Take required amount of Regular insulin in a syringe and add NPH insulin in the syringe. Remember , Regular  insulin is drawn first into syringe  and then NPH insulin is mixed into the Regular insulin.

What is HbA1c test ?

The A1C test—also known as the hemoglobin A1C or HbA1c test—is a simple blood test that measures our average blood sugar levels over the past 3 months. It’s one of the commonly used tests to diagnose prediabetes and diabetes, and is also the main test to help     manage our diabetes.
When sugar enters in our bloodstream, it attaches to our hemoglobin, ( A protein in our red blood cells). We all have some sugar attached to our hemoglobin . The  HbA1c measures the percentage of our red blood cells. which have sugar coated hemoglobin.

HbA1c Chart:

HbA1c test provide us some  figure which show  our sugar condition as follow:
  • Up to  5.7 % is considered as normal.
  • From 5.8 % to 6.3 % indicates as prediabetes.
  • Above  6.3 %  mean diabetes.
Blood Sugar Level  Chart.

The following Blood Sugar Level  Chart is based on age for diabetic people:

  These blood sugar are:       Before meals                        2 hours after                 meals

  • Children/teens                  90-130 mg/dl
  • Adults                                   80-130 mg/dl                     < 180 mg/dl
  • 65 & above                         80-180 mg/dl
  • Pregnant                            70-95 mg/dl                          100-120 mg/dl
  • With diabetes                    99mg/dl or below                140 mg/dl
Bear in mind that the figures in the chart are not dead final. Difference of some mg/dl is negligible. Sugar level targets could vary for every body keeping in view individual unique needs.
When the blood sugar levels remain higher than the recommended levels, this condition is called ” Hyperglycemia”.  known as ” silent killer “. .  If this condition remains for a long time, it can damage human kidneys . High blood pressure is another result of hyperglycemia. If you are victim of such condition, try to bring your blood sugar to the recommend levels.
Hypoglycemia :

Doctors recommend the minimum blood sugar level at 80 mg/ml. If this level reaches 70 mg/dl, ( In some people 60 mg/dl  or low) the symptoms of hypoglycemia start appearing. These are :

  • Sudden weakness.
  • Cold sweating.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Difficult to speak.
  • Fast heartbeat .
  • Shaking.
  • Anxiety.
  • Confusion.
  • Dizziness.
  • Hunger.

If someone’s blood sugar level remains at about 500 mg/dl, and incase his/her blood sugar  level drops to around 200 mg/dl, there are chances having hypoglycemia.

Source :

It is not necessary that one will feel all above symptoms. Sudden weakness, cold sweating, blurred vision fast heart bear and hunger are the most common symptoms of hypoglycemia.

If any diabetic person feels  above symptoms,  he/she should eat some thing sweet like chocolate etc. A glass of sweet juice or syrup will help to recover . Once got some relief, eat some thing like you eat every day. Do not over eat.

The last words:
Diabetes can not be fully cured. Diabetes type 1 can not be controlled with medication, People having diabetes type 1 are compel to inject insulin every day. Diabetes type 2 can be control  in the very  first stage, with certain medication. These drugs work for a limited time. The last choice to control diabetes is insulin. Insulin is a life saving medicine and has no side effects . If insulin is  used in the very beginning of diabetes, it will save from many diabetes related health condition.
I always pray to All-Mighty Allah to bless every body with good health.




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