ٌLet us try to raise the sense to realize the importance of children education

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Let us try to raise the sense to realize the importance of children education.

Children are the next builders of a nation, and only educated children have the ability to take their nation to be considered a noble, strong and developed nation in our world. Unfortunately many countries of our world do not or unable to educate their children. There are many reasons behind it :

  1. The parents do not have enough sources to send their children to school. In some countries children play here and there instead of going to school, or they are compelled to work to earn some money. Their wages are usually very low.
  2. In some areas schools are located at a far places and children can not go there without any conveyance , and poor parents have not enough sources of income. They prefer let their child / children work some where even at very low wages. (Usually such services are temporary).
  3. It is commonly known that poor parents have many children (Some time 5 to 7, and it is difficult for them to send all children to school).
  4. Now a days education is very expensive and poor families can not bear the expenses.
  5. Some times, behavior of parents is so cruel with children  (especially when the relation is of step father/mother) and the children feel unsafe and feel a stranger in the family. Such children usually run away from home. They remain illiterate and in most cases , they become a part of bad society, and grow up as thief, robber and become drug addictive. This is a real dark side of our society.

It is not enough to  describe such situation in political gathering only , or mentioning every where to solve this problem. It is needed to raise the sense to realize the importance of children education and take necessary action. Only public can not achieve this goal alone. Government has a basic role in this mater, as the government has the resources to do it. Some steps can be taken in this field :

  1. A plan should be made to motivate  the parents to send their children to school. A comprehensive path to achieve this goal is a must. It should include :1. A wide range of publicity to appeal parents.                                2. There should be at least 1/2 hour program on  every T.V. channel on this subject.
    3. A Mohallah committee can arrange and maintain a survey    showing which family’s children are not going to school. Committee can approach such families and convince them        about the importance of children education. Committee can send their recommendations   to proper authority for action.    4. There are many families in areas who are willing  to help to deserved people. They can contribute affordable amount and deposit with Mohallah committee, and committee will provide money to poor families with the condition that this amount will be spent for their children education. Going on  the safe side, children school fee,   uniforms, books, notebooks, bags etc can be purchased by the committee and given to the students. School fees can be deposited directly  to the schools. A closed watch is needed to function this procedure successfully .
  2.  Free education is the main responsibility of any government.   If any government wants a responsible leadership in future,   every child of the nation should be educated. Government   can  reduce its cabinet ( ministers and advisers) and the   saved  money ( Minister/Advisers salaries, allowances, cars,   office and other facilities, amounting to billions Rupees) can spend on education.
  3. Some families children work some where instead of going to school. Such families should be contacted to pay them a fixed amount every month with the condition that the amount will be spent on children education. A closed watch is a must and if found the grant is spent on other expenses instead of children schooling, the grant should be suspended. A comprehensive survey to find out such families can be conducted.
  4. Poor families usually have many children and can not bear their school expenses. A family planing movement should be launched effectively. The family planing workers must approach such families regularly and try to convince them to have 2 or 3 children. Newly married couples must be on top of this goal. A secret check on family planing workers should carried out to make the movement successful. The present Family Planning Department seems not to be successful. Advertising in newspapers and on every T.V. channel can bring near to success.
  5. A second marriage is usually not a common practice in our country. Exceptions are there. A man marry second wife for some reasons :
    1. His first wife died leaving him alone. No child. This can be considered genuine.
    2. The wife is medically proven unfit to give a child. Every  man wants to continue his race and for that purpose he can marry a second wife.
    3. Some times a couple has only daughters, and they want a boy or boys to continue their pedigree. In such cases our Family Laws bind the husband to have permission from his first wife to marry second wife. This practice or thinking is baseless. Do the husband has a guarantee that he will have a boy child from his second wife ? We believe Almighty Allah is the only one who bless boy or daughter.
    4. Some men marry a second wife in spite of having children, both boys and daughters,  for some reasons. Usually it happens in lords families who can afford to keep both families. It is seen that conflict arises between first and second wife’s children. Lord families can control such conflicts, problem arises in poor or middle  class families, resulting any child leaves the parents  home and become a cursed one for family.

What to do ?

  • It is seen that Government  governed schools are not enough for the children of a certain area. If we want an educated nation, government must establish a chain of schools. Education must be free. Government is spending many unnecessary expenses which can be stopped  and that money can be utilized to open and manage  new schools.
  • The present Family Planning  Department have not achieved its goals. The Department just advertise some  posts in newspapers and some on T.V. channels. This is not enough. China has a very large population. China government passed a law that a newly married couple can have only one child. The law was enforced strictly  and now they have controlled the growth of population. Cant we pass such law in our country?. It is not necessary to limit any couple to have only one child. We can decide how many child a newly married couple can have. The enforcement of law must be very strictly. If any family breaks the law, the family must be punished.
  • Syllabus of primary classes needs to be revised. Basic knowledge of civilized society should be included in the syllabus. There should be a few selected books and note books for primary classes. Present trend to make children school bags so  heavy with books and note books, difficult to carry for a child.
  • Private schools charge a heavy amount  under different heads like Admission  fee, Tuition fee,  Security charges, miscellaneous charges and  middle class families can not afford it. Such charges must be reasonable.
  • Private schools compel the student to buy book and note  books  from the school. A normal size note book cost Rs.20/- to Rs.30/- in book shops, and school sell it for Rs.40/- to Rs.50/- with a school name and logo printed on note book. This practice must be stopped. If all above expenses are reduced, it is hoped more children will like to enroll in schools.Last Words

Our children are the next leaders of  our country. Educated people will make the nation and country a respectable, powerful and developed nation and country in the world. Fulfill your duty and send your children to school.

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