CoronaVirus Disease (COVID-19)


          Corona Virus Disease  ( Covid-19)

Table of content:

  • Corona Virus.
  • Symptoms.
  • Precautions.
  • After recovery.

Another possibility.

Corona Virus was first reported from Wuhan city, China on December 31st, 2019 and is given  a  name  Corona Virus disease, code # COVID-19.

According to the latest news, more  than 88,257 people are effected to this deadly Corona  Virus and around 3,000 people are dead  in 66 countries of our world within December 31st , 2019 to March 03, 2020. China has blocked all transportation either in or out of China. Other countries stopped the air services o China. As on March 03, 2020 Corona Virus is spread to 66 countries of our world. Following are rough  estimated figures of effected, dead and recovered persons from Corona Virus;

Country                       Effected                  Recovered              Dead
Australia                                26                           –                              1
Britain                                    40                          –                              –
Bahrain                                     6                          –                              –
China                             +4,000                Not known            +3,000
France                                  130                           –                               3
Germany                             129                  Not known                     –
Iran                                      978                         ”                                66
Iraq                                          6                         ”                                   –
Italy                                +2,000                        148                           52
Japan                                   234                   Not known                    12
Kuwait                                   56                           ”                                 –
Pakistan                                  4                             2                          –
Qatar                                       7                              –                              –
South Korea                  4,012                              –                             18
Saudi Arabia                         1                               –                              –
Nigeria                               100                              –                              –
USA                                      91                               –                               4

Source; Daily Awaz, Lahore. dated March 03, 2020.

World Health Organization official believe that Corona virus was transmitted from animals to humans. Residents of Wuhan city, china , use to drink bat’s soup , and it is thought/believed that Bat’s soup  is the main cause of transmission of Corona Virus to humans.


Corona Virus is transmitted from effected person  to a healthy person. Its symptoms are ;
1  .   Fever
2 .   Cough
3 .   Short breathing
Its symptoms can appear within 2 days to 14 days after exposure. When Corona virus effects on lungs, it is more dangerous and can kill the effected person within 48 hours. Up till now , no anti Corona vaccine is available in the whole world.


If you do not reside in an area where Corona Virus is spreading or if you have not  traveled from such effected areas, or   has no close contact with an effected person, chance of having victim of Corona Virus are rare. The best way to be safe from Corona Virus is to follow the following precautions;
1 – Do not meet, hug,shake hand or stay with Corona Virus effected person. Such effected people should be kept isolated from others and admitted to a hospital immediately.
2 –  Avoid to go or travel in effected areas/countries.
3 – Keep your hands soap washed regularly.

4  –  Do not go out unless it is extremely necessary.
5 –  Wear mask when going out.
6  –  For eating, cook the meat for a longer time than normal cooking.

7 –  Drink boiled water.
8  –  Avoid to eat fast foods /junk foods and french fries from  street vendors.

After Recovery.

Corona Virus appeared in China and Chinese doctors are trying their best to find out its treatment and Anti Corona vaccine . They have discovered that Corona virus persist in the body for at least 2 weeks after the symptoms are  cleared up. This situation is unexpected or it is against the previous experience of other viruses. Usually viruses of diseases totally disappear when symptoms are cleared up. This gives a possibility to be victims of Corona virus for second time. Although many patients of Corona  Virus  are discharged from the hospitals  declaring as  “safe” , in fact they are not safe for at least two weeks. They should be very careful and take all the precautionary steps for above period. There are some patients who were re- effected to Corona Virus . Studies are going on to find a comprehensive treatment of Corona Virus, but it will take some time.

Another possibility

It is revealed that Corona Virus has begun replacing again at a low level after virus treatment ended. Since these viruses are , say, “child”, they do not produce any symptoms. But risk is still there. They might transmit the virus to others.

We pray to Al-Mighty Allah to save all of us from such diseases.

source ;   LiveScience



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