Covid-19 Update-2 “Part-2

               Covid-19 Update-2   Part – 2

Table of content:

  • Protect your self against new variant.
  • Virus Mutation.
  • Side effects of Covid-19 vaccine
  • Latest on Covid-19.


Protect yourself against new variant.

The new variants are more infectious than the original virus. Scientists urged the people to take the precautionary steps to protect themselves  against the variants . They advised:
1 –    Avoid gathering with people.
2 –   Do not shake hands with others.
3 –   Do not embrace with people.
4 –   Limit on site shopping.
5 –   Rethink work and school settings.
6 –   Mask up.
7 –   Worship wisely. Civic centers, Masjids, churches marked
as high risk of virus.
8 –  Apply hand sanitizer often.
9 –  Get vaccinated.

Virus Mutation.

Viruses have tendency to mutation. When there is a change in genetic sequence in virus.(due to  mistake during mutation) a new variant appear. Mutation brings changes in proteins which are encoded in virus genetic code. Such changes  could be neutral, harmful or advantageous. If a virus goes through enough mutations , and its biology turns with a different biology, it could be considered as variant, which acts in a different way as compared to original virus.
source : MedicalNewsToday

Side effects of Covid-19 vaccines.

It is a common practice that it takes about minimum 5 to 6 years to declare a new medicine or vaccine as “safe” for human. Scientists go through several clinical trials to neutralize the side effects of  new medicine or vaccine. Vaccines for Covid-19 was developed with in one and half years to fight against Covid-19 virus. Covid-19
virus is so deadly that scientists worked  day and night to manufacture a trustable vaccine against Covid-19 virus to save human lives. It is quite possible that developed vaccines are not 100 % free of side effects.
Different type of Covid-19 vaccines are now being administered world wise. Following reactions were noticed in the person , who received  the first dose of the vaccine:
1  – Some people experienced an allergic reaction soon after                         receiving their first dose. The allergic reaction could be sever.
2  – Fever.
3  – Rash or itching.
4  – Lips and throat swelling.
5  – Fatigue.
The majority of these reactions usually appeared within 15 minutes after receiving the first dose.
The above reaction are easily treated.                                           source:   Healthline

Latest on Covid-19.

1  –  A new study from Imperial College, London found that Americans between the age of 20 and 49 years are the biggest spreaders of Covid-19 infection.
2  –  Johnson Johnson announced that their single dose vaccine provides strong protection against moderate and sever Covid-19.
3   –  A new study published in the journal Reproduction on January, 28 , 2021 says that sever cases of Covid-19 could/might influence
the quality of sperm, possibly reducing fertility.
4  –    Even with vaccine, it may be too early to have small gathering again.
5   –    World Health Organization investigators said on February 9, 2021 that it was “extremely unlikely” that SARS-Cov-2 could be the result of a leak from a lab in Wuhan, China.
source: Healthline Daily News

We pray to Al-Mighty to save all mankind from Covid-19.

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