Covid-19 updates in brief, Part – 6

      Covid-19 updates in brief, Part – 6


Covid-19 updates in brief, part -5 covered updates up to September 15, 2021. Part- 6 will cover from September 16, 2021 to September 30, 2021. These brief updates are as under:


  • A  new study revealed that the people had improved their  mental health after they received their first dose of Covid-19 vaccine.
  • People who had not yet vaccinated feel more mental stress.
  • The experts say that people who  were vaccinated ,are more hopeful for end of the pandemic.
  • The production of antibodies is not the only way to fight against the virus.
  • Booster doses could produce immune protection against SARS-CoV-2, the corona virus that causes Covid-19. Experts are still working on this issue.
  • A new study show that the people who developed long Covid-19 had preexisting health condition. Such people include women, people 40 and older and  black individuals.
  • The pandemic have taken 4.7 million lives globally, accordingly to John Hopkins University
  • It is a sad fact that scammers do not spare any opportunity  to make money . They are busy in their dirty business in the midst of Covid-19 crisis.
  • According to FTC, following are scammer related to Covid-19:
    1 – Companies claiming to sell cures or treatment for Covid-19.
    2 – Phishing E-mails. Such e-mail have some links that could compromise your personal information or contain computer viruses.
    3 – They will try to sell coronavirus test kits.
    4 – They will claim that they are from W.H.O. or CDC, and they are on a survey  project to collect  information about Covid-19.
  • More children below 11 years  in U.S. are being affected by Covid-19.
  •  As per American Academy of Pediatrics,  nearly 94,000 Covid-19 child cases were reported in a single week.
  • Children under 12 are  , at present, not able to get any Covid-19 vaccine.
  • The Pfizer/BioN Tech Covid-19 vaccine is believed to be safe effective for children between 5 and 11 years . This was announced by the company.
  •  The drug maker tested a dose that is 1/3rd of the shot given now.
  • Side effects appeared are more mild  for children.
  • The Delta variant has become more than twice contagious than the previous variants.
  • Yale Medicine reported the following symptoms of Delta variant:
    1 – Cough.
    2 – Loss of smell
    3 – Headache.
    4 – Sore throat.
    5 – Fever.
    6 – Runny nose.
  •  CNN reported that  protection provided by Covid-19 vaccines appear to end up over time, specially for people older than 65.
  • Moderna Covid-19 vaccine is still effected for 5 months after vaccination.
  • Researchers said that pregnant women have a greater risk of developing severe illness from Covid-19 as compared with non pregnant women.
  • Experts are advising pregnant women to get vaccinated soon. It will safeguard their health .
  • As per a new study, a great benefit of being vaccinated is that newborns are with a high level of antibodies. ( Good news).
  • Another good news. Yahoo reported that  the Mu coronavirus variant no longer will be spreading in U.S. However , Mu is still spreading in other countries. Its victims are less than 0.5 % of cases detected worldwide.
  • Moderna CEO, Stephane Bancel , told  Swiss newspaper Neue Zuercher Zeitung that THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC MIGHT BE OVER IN A YEAR DUE TO INCREASED VACCINATION. It was reported by Reuters.

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  • A reproductive health specialist at Imperial college , London, U.K. , called for more research into the potential link between Covid-19 vaccine and changes to the menstrual cycle in women.
  • Covid-19 vaccine can cause several side effects , mostly mild.
  • Changes to menstrual cycles or un-expected vaginal bleeding are not included in the list of side effects.
  • Thousand of women reported period changes after vaccination, to the U.K.’s Medicines and Healthcare Products  Regulatory Agency.
  • How Covid-19 vaccine work?. This is for information only.      1 –      Vaccine prompt the body to develop immunity to a                   virus without developing an infection.
    2 –     A vaccine uses an inactive form of the virus whole                     parts of the virus or just the genetic material of the                   virus. There are three methods to develop a vaccine:
  •   Vector vaccine:   —- A weakened or inactive virus  is used
    in   this method. Since the virus is not fully functional, it        can not be cause of infection. Exposure to it, the                        immune system has to develop the ability to combat                infection, The immune system remembers this method
    and uses it in the future. Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine is
    a vector vaccine.
  • Protein Subunit vaccine.—- This type of method uses parts, or subunits of the virus. The parts are harmless but they teach the immune system to recognize the proteins of virus and block further infection. The Novavax  vaccine is a subunit vaccine.
  • mRNA vaccine —– This type of method uses virus genetic material . This type instructs our cells to produce a harmless protein . This protein is similar as virus surface protein. The immune system then recognize the protein and develop a response that protect against further infection. Both the Pfizer-BioNTech  and Moderna are mRNA vaccines.

DNA and RNA vaccines carry only the information needed to produce  one or more bacterial or viral proteins and can not generate the entire pathogen as other vaccine do ,  using weakened pathogens. Beside that, generic vaccines activate all components of the immune system to offer better protection than inactivated pathogens and subunit vaccine.



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