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Covid-19 Updates in Brief, part # 13

Covid-19 Updates in Brief

                   Part # 13.

Updates”It looks that there is a war running between human being and Covid-19. Covid-19 is shelling our world with its new variants which are more destructive . On the other hands our scientists and researchers try to fight those weapons of Covid-19. Our researchers have learned much since the beginning of pandemic. There are new findings  and researches every day and people must know about it. We are trying to share our efforts to let the people know the updates in brief  in this battle.

Covid-19 Updates in Brief, Part # 12 ” covered a period from January 16, 2022 to January 31, 2022.  Covid-19 Updates in Brief, Part # 13 will cover a period from February, 01 , 2022 to February 15, 2022.


  • South Korean researchers reported recently that fully vaccinated people have less serious cases of Covid-19. Fully vaccinated people have milder symptoms if infected.
  • They also reported that some vaccinated people have pneumonia with Covid-19.
  • A new research published in the journal Cell explains ” why Covid-19 affects sense of smell. The findings indicate that  SARS-CoV-2 infection indirectly  “dials down” the action of olfactory receptors, which are proteins on nerve cells in the nose that detect molecules associated with odors.
  • It looks that Omicron variant has reached its peak and now is slowing down. Many countries are  easing the Covid-19  restrictions hoping an endemic stage.
  • Many Covid-19 victims reported a sound like ” ringing  in the ears ”  when no actual external noise was present.  This is called “Tinnitus ‘. For more details about Tinnitus, read our article ” Homeopathic Clinic, Patient  # 241 “.
  • Experts are finding how the connection between Covid-19 and Tinnitus is biologically possible. It needs more research.
  • The anti-parasitic drug  ” Ivermectin ”  is not authorized to treat Covid-19. Some people are still taking it as self medicated to treat Covid-19 even that is not recommended.
  • Long exposure to extreme cold and heat  may  change  at home Covid-19 test results. These tests must be stored in a certain range of temperature 2-30 degree Centigrade ( 36-86 F).
  • According  to a new study, pregnant  women with moderate or severe Covid-19 may have cesarean  delivery, preterm birth, fetal or newborn death.
  • Pregnant women with mild infection do not have a significant risk of complications.


A new study found that Omicron variant survives longer than any previous variant on plastic surfaces and on skin. Following is a comparison of Omicron and other variants”

Different variants   on plastic surfaces :

  • The original version of SARS-CoV-2 survives for 56 hours.
  • The Alpha variant survives for 191.3 hours

The Beta variant survives for 156.6 hours.

  • The Gamma variant survives for 59.3 hours.
  • The Delta variant survives for 114 hours.
  • The Omicron variant survives for 193.5 hours.

Different variants  on skin :

  • The original version of SARS-CoV-2 survives for 8.6 hours.
  • The Alpha variant survives for 19.6 hours.
  • The Beta variant survives for 19.1 hours.
  • The Gamma variant survives for 11 hours.
  • The Delta variant survives for 16.8 hours.
  • The Omicron variant survives for 21.1 hours.
  • Scientists do not know whether this persistence lead to more infections.
  • A new study has found 4 factors for future long Covid symptoms. Number 1 is Epstein-Barr virus ( EBV).It is a type of Herpes virus, and is reactivated early in the disease.
  • Other factors  are certain autoantibodies, present in autoimmune . Diabetic people already have this factor.
  • These finding will help find ways to prevent the long Covid.
  • Many reproductive  aged  individuals  are confused about the potential adverse effects of Covid-19 vaccination , if they still will have the ability  to be pregnant again.
  • Earlier researches found that Covid-19 vaccinations  does not has any adverse effects on fertility. A new study also confirm this.
  • SARS-CoV-2 infection in male  seems to have short term effects on fertility.
  • The Omicron variant has large number of mutations,  more than 30 in the spike protein. A question arose about the efficacy of monoclonal antibody treatment which target the spike protein.
  • A new study found that the most antibody treatments are less effective against Omicron variant.
  • Many people recovered from Covid-19 are facing long lasting symptoms like fatigue, muscle weakness and lack of sleep . These symptoms  are known as Post-Acute COVID syndrome , or Long COVID.
  • A new study found  a first evidence , that there may a connection between gut dysbiosis  and long COVID.
  • Omicron variant known as BA.2 or ” Stealth Omicron ” is invading in some countries . A survey in Danish  households has found that  BA.2  is more transmissible than Omicron variant  BA.1.
  • Vaccines provide less protection  against  BA.2  as compared  with BA.1 variant.



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