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Covid-19 Updates in brief, Part # 16

Covid-19 Updates in Brief, Part # 16

Human being are fighting against Covid-19 since last 2 years. Now , the researchers and scientists are optimistic  for the end of the pandemic in coming days. In the meantime, researchers gained a lot about the disease. The Covid-19 vaccines were developed in a short time. It was hard to predict about  the long  term  side effects of the vaccines. As the time passed, long term side effects of Covid-19 vaccines are appearing these days. Researchers and scientists are busy to find out the ways to eliminate the side effects of Covid-19 vaccines. The ” Covid-19 Updates in Brief” is an attempt to  keep the public informed about these new researches.

Covid-19 Updates in Brief, , Part # 15 ” covered a period of time from March 01, 2022 to March 15, 2022. This episode # 16 will cover a period of time from March 16, 2022 to March 31, 2022.


  • End of Covid-19 pandemic?
  • After shocks of Covid-19.
  • What we know about Omicron variant ?
  • Exercise after recovering from Covid-19.
  • Long Covid’s side effects.
  • Combined vaccine for Covid-19 and Influ
  • Covid-19 related stress
  • Covid-19 vaccines and blood clotting,
  • Changes in human brain.
  • What’s more about coronavirus.
  • Covid and nervous system.

End of Covid-19 pandemic?

  •  CDC’s Dr. Rochelle is   optimizing that Covid-19 will become a seasonal illness like most respiratory viruses. Such viruses mostly strike in winter months. The opinion  is based on less severity in Omicron variant cases. ( Be hopeful ).
  • We are trying to keep you informed in ” Covid-19 Updates # 16 ” about any good news regarding relief in the disease.

After Shocks of Covid-19.

  • A new research say that people with long Covid might experience cognitive difficulties for months. Covid-19’s impact goes far beyond the lungs. The disease also affects other parts of human body including brain.
  • The common  symptoms of long Covid  are fatigue, shortness of breathing and brain fog.
  • According to a new study, the damage to nasal tissue after having Covid-19 , may be the reason why some people lose their sense of smell .Expert consider it a good sign  as tissues may recover more quickly than nerves..

What we know about Omicron variant ?.

  • Researchers do not know so far much about Omicron variant. A big question  ” will the present  covid-19  vaccines be effective against Omicron ” is still unanswered .
  • Real world evidence and data indicates that vaccine induced immunity is proven  more effective than infection acquired  natural immunity.
  • People recovered from a coronavirus infection, can have re-infection with Omicron variant.
  • According to some experts, 2 doses of a Covid-19 vaccine is enough to protect even  from   Omicron. Pfizer and BioNTech ‘s data shows that Boosters will be more effective than two doses of vaccine alone.
  • Experts have noted  that although Omicron is highly contagious but seems to produce less serious cases.

Exercise after recovering from Covid-19.

  • It is very important to listen to your body after recovering from Covid-19 and start building up  to it gradually.
  • People with Myocarditis ( a heart disease when heart’s muscle become inflamed ) should  NOT exercise for 3 to 6  months.  You may also  need  to be examined and cleared by a doctor before starting exercise.

Long Covid’s side effects:

  • Beside other long Covod’s side effects , experts consider problems with concentration and memory , as the effects of long Covid.
  • University of Cambridge and Exeter in U.K. conducted a study on “How the people feel about above issues  after long Covid “.
  • 159 participants recovered  from  long Covid reported their current cognitive issues as follow:
    78 % reported difficulty concentration.
    69 % reported brain fog.
    67.5 % reported forgetfulness.
    59.5 % felt difficulty recalling a desired word.
    43.7 %  have difficulty typing or saying a unintended word.
  • Many participants with above cognitive issues complained that doctors do not take them seriously.

Covid-19 related stress.

  • Beside other complications, Covid-19 has led many people to feel difficulty in decision making even the basic ones like what to eat or what to wear.
  • Anger, depression, fatigue, frustration and anxiety are the signs of the decision deterioration.

Combined vaccine for Covid-19 and Influenza.

  • Moderna is going to develop a combined vaccine for Covid-19and Influenza. This shot can boost vaccination compliance both for Covid-19 and flu.

source :

Covid-19 Vaccines and blood clotting.
  • A study shows that Covid-19 vaccines are effective against all variants of the novel coronavirus. Their side effects are mild and short lived. A continuous strict watch and booster doses are necessary if new variants appear.
  • More than 11 billion Covid-19 vaccine  doses have been given globally to the affected people. A low risk of blood clothing complications, linked to adenovirus -based  Covid-19 vaccine, were reported .
  • A new research explains why it happened in some cases. The researchers found that electrical charge of the adenovirus promotes the ” being stuck ” ability of blood- based proteins . This protein is associated with blood clotting.
Changes In  human  brains.
  • According to a new study reports, people with mild or moderate SARS-CoV-2 infection , have greater abnormalities to smell, in their brain region, after around 4.5 months of Covid-19 diagnosis .
What’s more about coronavirus!.
Viruses Mutation :
  • Viruses mutate frequently. During the replication. their genetic material is copied. A mutation occurs when part of the genetic  material is copied incorrectly.
  • In coronavirus especially , the genetic material is Ribonucleic Acid ( RNA). an enzyme called RNA polymerase controls the replication. It often makes errors, and a new variant is created.
  • A mutation can transfer to virus a selective Character such as faster transmissibility or greater virulence. This is what undoubtedly  happened with  Alpha, Delta and Omicron   variants.
  • Dr.Christopher Coleman , Assistant  Professor of Infection Immunology at the University of Nottingham, UK explains ” Some situations  give virus  more ability to mutate. In an immunocompromised  host, virus replicate more easily. And there will be  a correspondingly increased number of mutations.
  • Scientists have identified many variants, but the WHO have designated only 5 as ” variants of concern ” . They are with their location of identification:
    1 =   Alpha ( B.1.1.7) , UK, September 2020.
    2 =  Beta (B.1.351), South Africa.
    3 =  Gamma (P-1), Brazil, December 2020.
    4 =  Delta ( B-1.617.2), India, October 2020.
    5 =  Omicron (B.1.1.529), Multiple countries, November 2021.
Covid and Nervous System:
  • The autonomic  nervous system is responsible to keep various body system in balance. These process include breathing, heart rate and blood pressure.
  • A new study conducted by Sao Paulo State University in Brazil found that Covid-19 cases , no matter mild or moderate, can disrupt the Autonomous Nervous System’s critical balancing act..
  • Maintaining a healthy Body Mass Index ( BMI) and physically active life style may help to reduce the imbalance.
  • Covid-19 may thus quietly develop cardiovascular problem . Such    problems  usually appear later in the life.


As the Corona cases are slowing down, the daily updates of Covid-19 are decreasing. Hardly two or three updates are being published in a week.. In such situation, the ” Covid-19 Updates # 16 ” might be the last episode of this series. In the mean time, i  request you to kindly do write your comments at the end of the article. Thanks in advance and take care.



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