Covid – 19, Updates in brief, Part -3

    Covid -19 Updates  in brief, Part – 3.

  • Updates:

  • According to an internal CDC document covered in Washington Post , the Delta variant of coronavirus is more infectious and causes  sever Covid-19 than the previous variants.  . It spread very quickly like chicken pox .
  • Researchers are watching carefully to determine if   survivors of Covid-19  infection may have long term side effects like dementia. According to USA Today, more and more survivors are feeling a “Brain Fog”, difficulty to concentrate and confused .
  • Scientists are sure that Delta variant transmit 60 % faster than the Alpha variant. It was believed that Alpha variant could spread 50 % quicker than the original virus that hit in 2019.
  • Many children are being effected with Delta variant.
  • Experts  make responsible unvaccinated people in the USA, a main reason of emerging  coronavirus  variants.  They say that virus replicates  is  quicker  in unvaccinated people .
  • Delta Plus —— has three subtypes: AY.1, AY.2,  Ay.3 . —-look very similar to original Delta variant, but have a couple of changes.
  • More than 90 % of Covid-10 cases in USA are Delta variant effected.
  • It is believed that Delta Plus is not dangerous than original Delta variant.
  • Most people hospitalized were non vaccinated people.
  • Aged people may  experience lack of smell after recovering from Covid-19.
  • Researchers are trying to find out how Covid-19 may effect on memory. In a study, 1 in 10 patients has memory problems after mild cases of Covid-19 .
  • Covid-19 may increase the risk  of developing Alzheimer.
  • On August, 11, 2021, the Russian Health Minister  Mikhail Murashko  said that the Russian Sputnik  V Covid-19  vaccine is 83 % effective against the Delta variant.
  • United States is in the grasp of Delta variant these days. Unvaccinated people are easy victim of Delta variant.
  • Vaccinated people should take extra steps to safeguard their health Others should continue to wear face masks if they are in contact with children who are too young to be vaccinated.
  • Researchers warned that people who have had Covid-19 and are not vaccinated, have the chances to develop the disease again.
  • Researchers are optimist that there is  a possibility  that people wo have had Covid-19 , may need only one dose of vaccine. This issue  need more study.
  • Researchers are also optimist that people who have Covid-19 before, probably  will not have Delta variant.
  • People having a weak immune system are easy victim of Delta variant.
  • The CDC is now advising pregnant women to get vaccinated against Covid-19 . The new data shows  that vaccine do not increase the risk of miscarriage.
  • Pregnant women are at higher risk of sever Covid-19 symptoms.
  • The new data confirms that pregnant women are safe to vaccination  against Covid-19, and there is no risk for themselves or their unborn child.
  • They also say that vaccine protection could extend to unborn baby, providing a kind of “passive” protection possible with other vaccines.
  • Similarities between HIV and Covid-19.    Both diseases caused by two contagious viruses . Both viruses have some similarities like origin. But they have entirely different symptoms., transmission and disease course. For above differences, the health measure vary for prevention . At this time, there is no vaccine available against HIV, but treatment  is available. As for as Covid-19 concern, safe and effective vaccines are available.
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 Continued to part-4.

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