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Covid-19 Updates in Brief, Part # 9

     Covid-19 Updates in Brief, Part # 9,

Part #9 :                                                       

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Covid-19  Updates published in ””

You have read  previously ” Covid-19 Updates in Brief, Part  # 8” . This part # 9 covers a period  from December, 01 to December 15, 2021. Enjoy reading it.

  • The first domestic  case of new  Omicron variant  infection was detected  in Spain in  a vaccinated person . It proves that the Omicron variant was already in the country . It was announced by the Regional Authorities in Madrid , reported by Guardian . It was published in ” healthline,com  Covid-19  updates on December 02. 2021.
  • The first  case of new Omicron variant of coronavirus in the U.S. have detected in a person travelling from South Africa to San Francisco was tested positive on November 19, 2021.  It was announced by the San Francisco Department of Public Health officials.
  • Beside the above , more cases of the Omicron variant  have been reported in the U.S. A woman in Colorado who have recently travelled to South Africa  was tested positive  to the new variant.
  • From the appearance of Omicron,  drug makers  are trying to find  a vaccine to combat Omicron variant. Preliminary  studies show that 3 doses of Pfizer  Covid-19 vaccine  is a hope to neutralize Omicron.
  • Because of Omicron ‘s highly mutated nature, the variant  may affect the Covid-19 tests . The test results may show ” negative”. It was updated by Food and Drug Administration  (FDA). The FDA  identified Tide Laboratories’ DT PM Covid-19  RT -PCR Tests that is expected to fail due to Omicron.
  • A new study shows that 35 %  people who were infected Covid-19 experienced breathing difficulties after one year of the virus  infection. Researchers said that this condition can be caused by heart problems  and lung issues.
  • It is common that people  who had long  Covid-19 infection ,could   face cardia issues.
  • It is possible that people who have recovered from corona virus infection, will develop a reinfection with the Omicron variant.
  • Experts believe that 2  doses of Covid-19 vaccine can protect  against Omicron variant.
  • Mr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. PhD, the Director General of the World Health Organization has confirmed in a recent press conference in Geneva, Switzerland that more  data is needed to draw  ” firmer conclusions ” about Omicron.
  • South African scientists reported that early data sows that the Omicron variant has a substantial ability to escape from immunity  from prior infection.  It could be more than 2 weeks longer to know how  much the Covid-19 vaccine is effective against Omicron variant.
  • According to experts, the Omicron variant have symptoms similar to other coronavirus variants. Fever, cough, muscle aches and short breathing  are among  the symptoms.
  • Some Omicron’s affected people did not report loss of smell and taste.
  • Scientists say , as the Omicron spread, it is more important to get vaccinated   against Covid-19 and then get booster shots.
  • Experts expect that Covid-19 vaccine will provide some protection against the Omicron variant. Full vaccinated people  will still have some protection.
  • A report issued in ” Guardian ” shows that scientists have discovered a ” stealth ” version of the Omicron variant which can not be distinguished from others, using  PCR tests.. The stealth Omicron has many mutations as standard Omicron has . But it lacks a certain genetic feature that allows the laboratories  tests to identify the virus. The scientists added that it is too early to know weather the new form of Omicron has the same characteristics as Delta and other variants. The stealth  version  is genetically  different in kind  and it could  act differently.
  • Up till now , it is less known about Omicron variant. A big question is, will Covid-19 vaccine be effective against Omicron. Data gathered up till now  shows that vaccine  induced immunity vigorous than the infection acquired  natural immunity in all corona virus
  • The hybrid immunity in people who were previously infected  Covid-19 , and were later vaccinated, may have higher antibodies against Omicron.
  • Viruses that case pandemics often mutate and become less life threatening. Historically, most pandemics end with in 2 to 3 years. This is what happened to the Influenza plague after the 1918 flu pandemic . Many virologists are hoping so with corona virus too.
  • A good news. Drug maker Pfizer official claim their booster shot is effective against Omicron variant. A booster shot of mixed vaccines might offer strong protection against Omicron. Pfizer hope to develop a vaccine specifically for Omicron, some time in March , 2022.
  • The Oxford University researchers  used blood samples from fully vaccinated people from the Com-COV study and live coronavirus isolate to find if the Omicron variant could infect the population, including already vaccinated.
  • The drug maker Pfizer announced that their COVID-19  pill reduces risk of hospitalization and death up to 89 %. To obtain the full benefits of the pill, people should take the drug called ” Paxlovid ”  within  3 days after appearing the symptoms.

source: HealthLine

Covid-19 Updates published in

  • Vaccines play an effective roll to the spread of Covid-19 infection. It is noticed that the vaccines’ effectiveness reduces over time. Researchers found that the antibodies produced by the Pfizer-BioNTech  vaccine reduced by 57 %  after 6 months.
  • A new study investigates how SARS -C0V-2 behaves when two variants of the virus conflict human cells.
  • The  Researchers  found that the Delta replicates four times faster than the Alpha variant, and nine times faster than the Beta variant .
  • The Researchers also demonstrated  that a recently discovered antiviral called ” Thapsigargin ” ( known as Deadly Carrot) successfully blocks the infection in cell culture.
  • Practitioners of folk medicine are using the deadly carrot compound  to treat rheumatic pain, lung diseases and infertility in females.
  • A recent study , led by  Kin-Chow, professor of  Veterinary Molecular Medicine at the university, found that each variant was sensitive to the compound. A single dose of Deadly Carrot  before infection from Alpha, Beta or Delta variant blocked all infections in human cells. It also showed  a  95 % reduction in co-infection. It also  inhibited the replication of the variants in cells.
  • Antiviral work in different way, depending the specific drug. The most common  ways are:

1.    Blocking cell receptors so that viruses can not bind to or                                    enter healthy cells.

2.   Boosting the immune system and helping it to fight the virus.

3.   Reducing the amount of active virus in the body.

  • Researchers have developed a chewing gum from lettuce that is effective to neutralize SARS-CoV-2 in salvia. The levels of viral RNA in salvia can fall undetectable level.

source: Medical News Today



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