Dengue Fever is back

                      Dengue Fever is back

Table of content:

  • What is Dengue fever ?
  • Dengue mosquito has two special characters.
  • Symptoms of Dengue fever.
  • Severe Dengue Fever.
  • Symptoms of Severe Dengue Fever.
  • Treatment of Severe Dengue Fever.
  • Dengue vaccine.
  • Dengue Fever and Homeopathy/
  • Other Homeo medicines for Dengue fever.
  • Dengue fever’s side effects.

What is dengue fever ?.

Dengue Fever is mosquito – borne tropical disease caused by Dengue virus. We are under attack a new disease called “Dengue Fever”. Dengue Fever spreads by injecting Dengue Virus by female  Dengue Mosquito into human blood. The effected person becomes a “ carrier  of Dengue Virus.” When ever a female Dengue mosquito bite this carrier, the Dengue Virus is transferred to the biting mosquito. This  virus is injected by the mosquito to another person making him/her a Dengue Virus carrier , and Dengue fever  spreads. Please read our articleDengue Fever
Only female Dengue Mosquito is the source of spreading Dengue Fever. Dengue mosquito has white dots on his/her body and wings and is recognized easily.

Dengue Mosquito has two special characters .:
1 =   It grows in clean  water.
2 =  It bites in early evening and early morning.

Dengue mosquitos are usually found in  :
1 = Clean water in old tyres.
2 = The waste water tray of a refrigerator.
3 = Clean water in uncovered buckets  and other pots.
4 = Water in plants pots in a house or garden.
5 = Water in any place, specially in rainy season.

Symptoms of Dengue Fever  ;
Following symptoms appear with in 2 to 7 days after                             injecting Dengue virus to a person :
1 = Fever normal or high.
2 = Headache.
3 = Nausea.
4 = Vomiting .
5 =  Rash.
6 = Pain typically behind the eyes, muscles, joints or bones
specially in long bones of legs and arms.
7 = Internal bleeding
Treatment :
1     No specific medicine to treat Dengue Fever.
2 = Rest as much as possible.
3 = Take Paracitamol  to control fever and pain.
4 = DO NOT take Aspirin.
5 = Drink plenty of fluid.
Most people recover after about a week.

Severe Dengue Fever::

1  =    Sever Dengue Fever is a more serious form of Dengue fever that can result in  shock, internal bleeding and even death.
2  = It is more dangerous for those persons if they have had Dengue infection before.
3  = Children and pregnant women are at increased risk for developing Sever Dengue Fever.

Symptoms of Sever Dengue:
1 = Symptoms generally begin 24-48 hours after fever has                         gone away.
2 = Stomach or belly pain.
3 = Vomiting
4 = Bleeding from nose or gums.
5 = Vomiting blood, or blood in stool.
6 = Feeling tired, restless or irritable.

Treatment of Sever Dengue fever:
Go to Emergency Room immediately. It requires immediate medical attention.

source :>dengue

Dengue Vaccine:

Dengue Vaccine is used to prevent Dengue Fever in humans. Vaccine is recommended to those who previously had Dengue Fever, to prevent Sever  Dengue fever. It is given as 3 injections in a year. Use of Dengue Vaccine is not recommended in people with poor Immune function
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Dengue Fever and Homeopathy:

Homeopathy is a natural way of curing the symptoms. To be safe from Dengue fever take the following Homeo medicine as precautionary steps.
* Ledum 200 –  Pour 5 drops of the medicine in 1/2 glass of
clean water and drink it 1/2 hour ,  before break fast, once
a day for 5 days. Do not drink tea, coffee or smoke before/
after taking the medicine. Insha Allah, you will be safe from
Dengue fever.

Other Homeo medicine for Dengue fever:
* Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200 – for high Dengue fever,                           swerve pain in bones, specially long bones of legs and
arms, vertigo , weakness.
* Crotalus Horridus  200  – for bleeding from eyes, ear, nose,                  stomach, stool etc.

Dengue Fever’s side effects are , some time, everlasting, One of them is , one leg becoming shorter than other. There are chances to be victim of  Sever Dengue fever. It is better to take some precautionary steps to be safe from Dengue fever. These steps are :
1 = Keep all water pots covered.
2 = Keep Refrigerator waste water tray dry. Spread some                            salt in the tray.
3 = Do not let the water remain in plant  pots.
4 = If you sleep in open air, use mosquito net.
5 = Apply Mosquito lotion on your hands and face.
6 = Always wear full sleeve shirt.

We pray to  All-Mighty Allah to keep all of us from Dengue Fever.





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