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Dengue Fever

                      Dengue Fever

Table of contents:

  • Dengue Fever.
  • Dengue mosquito has certain habits.
  • Where the Dengue mosquitos live?
  • Symptoms of Dengue Fever.
  • Treatment.
  • Precautions.

Dengue Fever.

About 8 years ago Dengue fever attacked our country, Pakistan. It was a new enemy for health and most of the people did not know what is Dengue fever and how to prevent ourselves from its attack.

Dengue fever spreads by injecting Dengue Virus . When a female Dengue mosquito bites a person, she injects the virus in the blood. Dengue mosquitoes have visible white dots on their bodies and wings. Once some one is injected with Dengue virus, that person become becomes Dengue virus carrier, and when other mosquitoes bite this person, Dengue virus is transferred to that mosquitoes , and this chain continue to spread resulting most of the population become victim of Dengue

Dengue mosquito has certain habits :

1: It bites the human  in the evening and morning.
2: It lays eggs in clean water.

Where the Dengue mosquitoes live?

Dengue mosquitoes live in clean water. The following places are their favorite homes :

  1. Refrigerator water drain tray.
  2. Vehicles’ old tyres , either standing or laying down.
  3. Small plant pots.
  4. Ac drain water, if not properly disposed off.
  5. Drinking water jug , if not properly covered.
  6. Fresh and clean water  any where without cover.
  7. Any covered place where water can remain for some days.

Symptoms of Dengue fever :

Symptoms usually appear 3 to 14 days after injection of Dengue virus. Symptoms include;

  • Fever  is the very first symptom to be noticed. Temperature starts from low degree and rises to high with in days
  • Muscle and joints pain specially  killing pain in  large bones of arms and legs
  • The infected person feels sudden weakness.
  • Deficiency in Platelets ; Platelets are small colourless disc-shaped cell fragment without a  nucleus, found in large numbers  in blood and involved in clotting. The normal count of platelets is 150,000 to 350,000 per micro-liter of blood. Since platelets  are so small, they make up just a tiny fraction of blood volume. Their function is to prevent bleeding. The platelet count in a Dengue infected person go down up to 90,000 and in severe cases to 20,000 per micro-liter of blood.
  • Headache, Vomiting, and skin rash are also its symptoms.


Unfortunately, up till now no vaccine is available to prevent from Dengue virus. However some suggestions are recommended  by doctors

  1. Take Panadol twice a day to get relief from fever. DO NOT take medicines with Aspirin. It could worsen bleeding.
  2. To reduce pain in joints, bones and muscle , doctors recommend any pain killer . Such pain killers should not be taken every day. Their side effects are dangerous.

In Homeopathy, there is a medicine which is very effective in joints and bones pain . Its name and doses are as under

  • Eupatorium Perfoliatum 30. In the beginning of fever, take 4 drops  of medicine in 1/2 glass of water, 3 times a day before meals. Do not smoke or drink  tea or coffee 1/2 hour before and after taking medicine.
  • Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200; If joints , bones and muscles pain is unbearable, take one dose  daily.

For platelets deficiency,  unfortunately no medicine is available in Aelopathy. Thank Al-mighty Allah , who says; ” There is a treatment for every disease”. There was a time, if any body has Tuberculosis, no treatment to cure it and  the patient’s death was 100 %. These days Tuberculosis is a cure able disease. You must have heard a plant named “papaya”.   Take its 4 or 5 green leaves, crush them, and squeeze  them to get their juice. Drink this juice 2 times a day without adding sugar or any thing. Your platelets will increase up to 150,000 with in 3 to 4 days. I have tested this recipe and found it very effective.

  • In case, you get Dengue fever, take complete bed rest and drink plenty of water.


We get Dengue fever,when a carrier female Dengue mosquito bites us and injects Dengue virus in our blood. There are some precautionary steps to take  to avoid getting Dengue fever

  1. Do not let your body expose to mosquitoes. Wear full sleeve shirt and pajama/ shalwaar.
  2. Make sure no water is accumulated  around you
  3. Refrigerator drain water tray clean and empty. Put small quantity of salt in the tray. It will kill Dengue larva.
  4. If you sleep in open area, use a mosquito net over night.
  5. Some solutions/oils are available . Apply them on your hands, face and feet. it will keep the mosquitoes away from you. Mosquito coil can be used in rooms.
  6. At home, keep the drinking water jugs covered. It is a better  idea to keep the drinking water in bottles.
  7. Anti Dengue spray is also helpful to kill the mosquitoes.

It is true that Dengue mosquitoes can not be killed totally  around us. But together we can take measures to reduce their new birth. Government should continue spraying Anti Dengue spray through out the year. It is hoped that some day, sooner or latter , researchers will be successful to find Anti Dengue vaccine.

May Al-Mighty Allah save us  from Dengue fever. 


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  1. Thanks for your approach. Sorry, we do not buy and sell any thing.

  2. Thanks for your approach. Sorry, we do not buy and sell any thing.

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