Hate Corruption



                      Hate  Corruption

Table of content:

  • Introduction.
  • How to stop corruption.
  • I suggest the following.


Corruption is a major issue of 3rd world now a days. Some people want to grab every thing of their country when they  come in power. Corruption is like cancer which spreads in the one’s body and soon he/she will die . In a corrupt area or country, wealth centered in a few hands and the rest of the people become poor and poor.

Transparency International (T.I.) has defined the corruption as  under:

” Corruption is the abuse of  entrusted power for private use”. Usually corruption starts at high level of Government Departments, who have powers to sanction contract for a project. Contractor pays under the table a certain percentage  of the project/contract value , to contract awarding authority and the authority raise the contract/project price , or award the contract to a favorite party. They call it “Kick Back” and not corruption. Such corrupt people are found every where.

How to stop corruption:   

It is a big question, and unfortunately, no practical solution is found so far. Even death penalty in China has not stopped the corruption. Try the following suggestions to minimize or stop the corruption :

  1.  If proved, the corrupt person should be hung till death. No bargaining at all in any case.
  2. A movement “Hate Corruption” should be run countrywide. Sign board of “Hate Corruption” should be hung everywhere, specially in Government offices.
  3. In school books, primary to higher education,” Hate -Corruption” should be included in the syllabus. Teachers should try their best to embed  “Hate Corruption” in students’   mind.
  4. Many people are not involved in corruption in spite of having    chances to avail opportunity. They know that corruption is always illegal and a great sin. They believe they will be questioned about such illegal act on Judgement Day. If they are guilty, they will face the punishment, and that is HELL. Only fear  of Almighy Allah can help to reduce corruption.

I suggest the following :

  1. Every employ, government   or civil, MUST take the following oath at  their joining time :
    “I ……………… solemnly take oath that i will perform my duties honestly and will not get any Kick Back, and will not involve in any type of corruption. If i do so, Almighty Allah through me in Hell on Judgement day.”
  2. Above affidavit can be translated in Urdu language, so every one can understand what oath he/she is taking.
  3. Above oath should be in writing and every employ from President to peon MUST read it LOUDLY. After taking oath, employ will sign it and it will be kept in his/her personal file.  It is hoped that people will think about Hell before involving in a corruption.
  4. Another way of corruption  is sanctioning grant to MNAs and MPAs to carry out some development schemes in their area. A very small amount is spent on such schemes and the rest goes to their pocket. If a detailed audit is carried out honestly, amazing results and discrepancies will be revealed. Constructing sewerage, or village street etc does not suit to to a MNA or MPA. Their original duty is to represent, discuss a bill or an amendment in a rule and if it is favorable for country, try to pass the bill  in the parliament. If they want some development in their area, they should point out such schemes and let  the Public Works Department to do it.

I do hope and pray to Almighty Allah , to grant us strength to say “No Corruption” in our daily life.


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