Grape Fruit

Health Tip # 11

                       Health Tip #  11.

Table of content:

  • Benefits of Grapefruit.
  • Benefits of Bone Broth.

 Benefits of  Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a Citrus fruit has sweet and somewhat sour taste. It is available in winter season in Pakistan. Grapefruit is very health improving fruit in many ways. Following are some evidence-based  benefits of Grapefruit , if eaten regularly:
1  – It has low calories , yet high in nutrition.
2 – A half of medium size Grapefruit contain the following major
1 – Calories     = 52
2 – Carbs         = 13 grams
3 – Protein      =   1 gram
4 – Fiber          =   2    ”
5 – Vitamin C  = 64% of daily need
6 – Vitamin A  =  28%    ”      ”
7 – Potassium  =    5%    ”   ”      ”
8 – Thiamine   =    5%    ”      ”   ”
9 – Folate          =    4%    ”      ”    ”
10 – Magnesium-   3%    ”      ”     ”
11 – Grapefruit is a rich source  of powerful Antioxidant plant                     compound , responsible for health benefits.
3 – Grapefruit may improve our immune system.
4 – Grapefruit may promote our Appetite control significantly.
5 – Grapefruit provide a small amount  of Vitamin B, Zinc , Copper          and  Iron.
6 – Grapefruit is helpful  to reduce weight.
7 – A great benefit   of  Grapefruit is  that it helps to prevent Insulin
resistance and Diabetes.
8 – Grapefruit contains following Antioxidants :
* Vitamin C, a powerful water-soluble Antioxidant.
* Beta Carotene , which is  converted  to Vitamin A in our body to
reduce the risk of having some chronic conditions.,                                 including heart diseases and eye related disorder like Macula             degeneration.
* Lycopene – It saves from having risk of some types on Cancer,
specially Prostate cancer.
*  Flavanones – It reduce a very common disease, high blood
pressure  and cholesterol level.
9 – Grapefruit is very much helpful to reduce the risk of Kidney                stones .
10- Grapefruit contains lot of water, about 4 Ounce water in in a                half  of medium size Grapefruit, making it very hydrating.
11-  Eating Grapefruit can improve Heart health.

Beside its great health  benefits , Grapefruit is not for every one. It is experienced that , for some people, eating Grapefruit regularly, need some changes in certain medication. Grapefruit contains some substances that resist Cytochrome P450, an enzyme, our body uses to metabolize certain medicines. If Grapefruit is eaten, our body will not be able to break down some medicines, causing overdose and other adverse effects. These medicines are:
1 – Immunosuppressant’s
2 – Benzodiazepines.
3 – Most Calcium channel blockers.
4 – Indinavir.
5 – Carbamazepine.
6 – Some Statins.

If you are taking any of above medicines, consult your doctor before adding Grapefruit to your diet.

Teeth Enamel Erosion :
Citric Acid found in Grapefruit, is a common cause of Teeth Enamel Erosion, if you eat Grapefruit in excess.

If you have  sensitive teeth, avoid eating Citrus fruits. There are some precautionary steps to preserve your teeth enamel. They are :
1 – Avoid to eat any  other acidic fruit after eating Grapefruit.
2 – Rinse your mouth with water after eating Grapefruit and wait              for at least 30 minutes to brush your teeth.
3 – Eat Cheese with Grapefruit. This will help to neutralize
the acidity in your mouth.

source : Healthline

Benefits of Bone Broth:

Bone Broth is a delicious , tasty and very beneficial for human health. Usually   people drink it with break fast. It is a favorite soup of the people of  Pakistan and India. It is  called “paye” means feet, as animal feet are the main ingredient of Bone Broth.   The Bone Broth is prepared  by boiling animal bones and collective tissues  in water  for at least 12 to 24 hours. This nutrient-based stock is used as soups, sauces and health drink.

The following ingredients are needed to prepare Bone Broth ”
1  –  About one gallon of water.
2  – 30 ml Apple Cider Vinegar. Adding Vinegar is important. It                 help to bring all of the valuable nutrients out of the bones                     and mix them into water.

3  – 1-2 kg animal bones. If bones are large, cut them cut  into                    two pieces.

4  – Salt and pepper for taste.

5  –   Put all the ingredients in a large pot, and put it on fire and                   let  it boil .

6  –  When start boiling, reduce the fire and cook for 12-24
hours. Cooking it for a longer period of time will make it                      more tasty   and more nutrients rich.
7  –  Remove the pot and let the Broth to cool.
8  –  Bones, oxtail and animal feet will make it more tasty.
9-    You can add vegetables, herbs or spices  for flavor .
10 – Other additions are garlic, onion and  carrot. Add them with               the   first step of cooking.

Benefits of Bone Broth:

1  – Animal Bones are a rich source of Calcium, Magnesium,                      Potassium, Phosphorus and other minerals which build and
strengthen our own bones.
2  – Iodine is found in fish bones. Iodine is essential for healthy                Thyroid function and metabolism.
3 – Connective tissue provide us Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and
a natural compound found in cartilage , which keeps joints
in healthy form.
4   Marrow contain Vitamin A, Vitamin K2, minerals like Zinc, Iron,       boron, Manganese , Selenium  and Omega3 and Omega 6 fatty           acids.

5 – Bone Broth strengthen our  digestive system.
6 – Bone Broth contain Amino Acid, glycine and arginine which have  strong anti-inflation effect and strengthen the ability to fight  chronic inflammation. Also Help to improve joint health.
7-It is helpful for weight loss.
8  In many cases Bone Broth has shown improvement in sleep
and brain function.

How  often  to drink Bone Broth:
It is recommended to drink  0ne cup of Bone Broth daily is enough. It will provide all the necessary mineral and nutrients for maximum health benefits.

source :  Healthline


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