Health Tips # 6

                                     Health Tip # 6

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  • Look younger.
  • Do not eat the following.
  • Stay Younger.
  • New researchers or terrifying truths?.
  • Does these  drinks raise  any risk to our health ?.
  • It was also found that…

Look Younger

It is a common craze of to days to look younger. People take medicines to achieve this goal. No need to spend on such medicine Adopt natural way to look younger. Eat following foods and look younger:

1- Extra virgin Olive oil has best effects on our skin to keep it wrinkle free.
2- Green tea is high in Antioxidants to keep our skin look younger.
3- Fatty Figs fill up our face dents.
4- Dark chocolate (Cocoa )  produce fat.
5- Eat fresh vegetables to produce pure blood.
6- Eat Pomegranates . It strengthen our Liver.
7- Eat lot of Flex seeds to have proteins
8- Eat Avocado to get rid of constipation and get more iron.
9- Eat Tomato, fresh  and UN-cooked.

Do not eat the  following:

The skin care specialists advise not to eat the following:

1- Sugar -. Eating too much sugar is one of main cause of looking older.A  bad effect of it is that sugar malicules mix with proteins , making a chemical reaction  which makes our skin hard  and lose elasticity. In result, wrinkles appear. Our skin could change its colour.
2-   Refined Carbohydrates, pasta, white bread, and white rice will jump up blood sugar level.
3-. Maintain your weight. Losing weight is a factor to look older.
4- A dry skin lost is shining and fresh look. Drink lot of water.
5- Exposure to hot weather produce early wrinkles .on body. Avoid to stay under direct sun for a long period of time.

Stay Younger:

Eat/drink a small quantity of the following and stay younger:
Sweets, Alcohol, Charred meat, White wine, Salty foods, Processed meat, Red meat and trans fats.

Source: HealthLine

New Researches or Terrifying  Truths ?

Talking about our country’s climate, Al-Mighty Allah has blessed us four seasons in a year, where as many other countries have two seasons, or just  one season. Our country is extremely hot during Summer and people need  more water to drink to maintain body water level. 80 % ( more or less) people prefer to drink sweet syrups, soft drinks or fruit juices.

Does  these drinks raise any risk to our health?

New researches are opposing many old habits . In old days , drinking sweet syrup was a perfect recipe for thrust. New researches say some thing else. Let us see a new research about drinking sweet syrup, soft drinks and fruit juices.

Dr. Aloi Chazelas of ” Cite Epedemiology Statistics Research Center, University of Sorbornne, Paris , conducted a survey to find out if drinking sweet syrup, soft drinks and fruit juices could be a cause of any disease.

Dr Aloi interviewed 101,257 men and women of the age of 42 years more or less. They were asked if they drink above mentioned drinks regularly. The finding are  shocking :

1;  693 women were suffering from breast cancer.
2.  291 people have Prostate cancer.
3.  166 people have intestine cancer.

It was also found that:

  1. If we drink  syrup, soft drinks and fruit juices (specially pear juice), without adding sugar regularly, it may increase cancer risk.
  2. Such drinks are cause of heart diseases, type 2 Diabetes and obesity.
  3. The sugar in such drinks increase the volume of cancer or increase the growth of cancer tumer.
  4. If we drink 100 ml sweet syrup daily, chances of cancer increases  up to 18% and breast cancer up to 22%.
Above facts are very terrifying , so what to do ?

Drink clean and pure water.

Source: Medical News Today

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