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Health Tip # 7 – 8

                       Health Tip  #  7 – 8

Table of contents:

  •  The   Lin Seed.
  •  Orange Juice, Benefits.

Health Tip  # 7

The Linseed ;

Linseed are brown reddish – brown or golden yellow seed of common Flex plant. Some Flex plants produce more seeds than others. Linseed are being used to treat constipation since many thousands years.

Linseed have a great amount of fiber. These should be eaten in a moderate amount and always with increased liquid intake.

Linseed have :

  1. A useful Omega- 3 fatty acid or Alpha-Linolenic Acid (A.L.A.) . It makes the blood flow better in human body.
  2. 2 teaspoon of Linseed have :
    * Fiber     =   6 gram.
    *  Protein  =  5  gram .
    *  Enough quantity of Copper, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Thiamine
    *  Micro-nutrients  in Linseed keep the bones strong.
    *  It helps for deep sleep and better mood.
    *  It helps blood to absorb oxygen.
    *  Fats in Linseed help to lower high blood pressure, and reduce L.D.L. cholesterol.

In an experiment, patients were given Linseed to eat for 2 months and and L.D.L. cholesterol was reduced to 20 %.

Source;  ABC Good Food


Health Tip  #  8

Orange Juice – Benefits

We should thank to All-Mighty Allah that He has blessed us a great fruit, Orange. Orange is a main fruit of Pakistan. The whole Sargodha district produces millions of tons of Orange. Probably Sargodha district (specially Bhalwal tehsil)  is the 2nd largest Orange producer in the world.

Orange golden yellow looks very pleasant to human eyes.There are two types of Orange ;
1  –  Simple Orange called Mausmi or Musammi.
2 –  Kinno Orange , the most popular Orange. It is soft and
has sore sweet delicious taste and melts easily in mouth.
Thousands of tons are exported to other countries.

Beside its sweet taste, it has many benefits for human. Some are on;

1 –  Immune system;
Orange has a large quantity of Vitamin C , which strengthen (fortify) Immune system. A glass of Orange juice provide the double quantity of Vitamin C, human body needs for 24  hours. Ascorbic Acid is found in Orange. This acid helps the cells to promote the growth of body tissues.

2 -Digestive system;

A normal size orange contains approximately 3 grams of fiber.
This fiber helps to create a regular digestion process, and acts as
a cleaning for our bowls.

3  – Cancer

A great benefit of Orange Juice.  Vitamin C is reported to reduce the risk of Cancer up to 40% , and Orange contains a large quantity of Vitamin C , fiber, Potassium  and flavonoids. It can help us to save from Cancer.

4  -High Blood Pressure :

Orange contains Vitamin B-9 and Folate. These two produce more red blood cells, resulting purification and better blood circulation ‘
According to researchers, drinking 2 cups of 100 % pure juice a day, for 30 days can lower the blood pressure.

5  –  Kidney Stones

When Oxalate particles attach themselves to Calcium particles,  Kidney Stones are formed.Stones in kidney are very painful. High level of calcium and potassium in Orange can help to save from Kidney Stones.

6  -Weight Loss

Orange Juice has a sweet taste and a low glycemic  index and fat content. To lose weight, it is suggested to eat whole Orange instead of drinking Orange Juice.

7 – Skin

Vitamin C and E in Orange prevent skin cells, minimizing scarring from blackhead and spots. It also reduce sun burning effects .

8  – Wrinkles

Orange Juice contains high level of anti-oxidants and Citric Acid which have anti aging effects. Regular drinking of Orange Juice can reduce the visibility of wrinkles.

9 – Eye Sight

Vitamin A is essential for good eye vision. It protects the Cornea. Orange Juice contains a high level of Vitamin A and Carotene, which improve eye sight,

10 – Healing Power

Hesperidin  and Anthocyanin’s heal up the wounds rapidly. Orange Juice contain above ingredients , Orange Juice also helps to recover  the weakness after illness.

11  – Hair Loss

Daily intake of Orange Juice containing Carotene and anti oxidants is a key for healthy hair. It also prevent loss of hair.

12  –  Cholesterol Level ;

It is proved that a long term Orange Juice consumption lower the cholesterol level.  If Orange Juice is taken with he high fiber food, say 5 to 10 grams a day, will give you a visible reduction of LDL cholesterol.

13  –  Inflammation ;

Inflammation is a normal reaction of our Immune System to fight diseases. If inflammation remains or get worst, it is necessary to take anti – inflammation medicines which, some time make some complications. Drinking Orange Juice can be a natural alternative without further complications.

14  –  Pregnancy ;

During pregnancy, folic acid and vitamin C are necessary for the health of mother and baby. Orange provides the both. Pregnant  women are advised to take 2 1/2 cups fruit a day, depending upon weight and health.

Fresh squeezed Orange Juice is always proffered. Orange Juice in super stores will have added sugar , Always buy low level of sugar and calories in the juice.

source ; Conserve Energy Future


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