Health Tips – 1

It is raining

                   Health Tips # 1

Table of contents”

  • Precautions during rainy season.
  • Eat Carrots.

Precautions during Rainy Season


It is rainy season these days and we need some precautionary steps to take to avoid to get sick or allergy during this season.

  1. Not only in rainy season , make it a habit to drink boiled water every day. Some people drink mineral water supplied by certain companies. They use Arsenic ( a poison) to make the water free of bacteria and pure. To make it more purify, they can mix extra quantity of Arsenic in the water. Arsenic is a poison and is dangerous to our health. It is advised to drinkers of mineral water to ask the mineral water supplier company to provide a certificate declaring that their supplied water has a safe level of Arsenic in the supplied water.
  2. Our body discharges more sweat in this season and there are chances to be victim of dehydration. It is a wise practice to drink at least 10 glass of water in a day  to be on safe side.
  3. Wash your hands with soap before every meal.
  4. Avoid to eat heavy and roasted foods. Such foods take more time to digest.
  5. Eat green vegetables and wash them before cooking.
  6. Although milk is a complete food, doctors advise to use yogurt instead of milk.
  7. In rainy season, clouds keep the sun covered most of the of the day, deficiency of Vitamin D may occurs. It is advised to sit under the sun for some time to have the required amount of Vitamin D.
  8. Try not to get wet in the rain. You might get cold /fever.
  9. Our body discharges more sweat in this season. Try to keep your body dry. Wash body sweat with a clean and dry cotton towel.
  10. Take bath at least 2 times daily, in the morning and before sleep. It will keep you fresh and active.
  11. Spray an anti-odor spray on your body to avoid getting spread sweat odor.

             Eat   Carrots

Carrot Juice is very helpful to heal up cancer and other diseases.
Carrot is available these days in the market. It is a great God’s gift for human being. American health specialist  say that carrot has all ingredients which are necessary for good health.
* Carrot juice protects from stomach cancer.
* Carrot juice has ingredients which save us from chest cancer, specially in women.
* Carrot juice protects lungs from diseases and keep them healthy and strong.

Health specialists of Howard University have said after a long investigation that Carrot and other expensive fruits have equal effects on health. If its juice is mixed with other fruit juice , the mixture will be more delicious and useful.

A cup of carrot juice has :

* 99  calories
* 2.24 gram protein 
* 0.35 gram fat
* 21.9 gram carbohydrates
* 1.9 gram fiber 
* 689 mili gram potassium 
* 20 gram vitamin C 
* 0.217 mili gram thiamine 
* 0.512 mili gram vitamin B6
* 256.2 micro gram vitamin A  
* 36 micro gram vitamin K 

You can see that one cup of carrot juice has almost  all ingredients necessary for our health. Carrot”s special effect  is on our eyes.  It increase the eyes brightness and help get rid of spectacles. Do you need proof ? Rabbits eat carrots. Have you ever seen a rabbit wearing eye glasses (Just Kiddin’). Drink at least one glass carrot juice daily and be healthy

May Almighty Allah guide us , and  drive diseases away from us

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