Homeopathic Clinic, High Blood Pressure, A to Z , part – 3

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High Blood Pressure, A to Z ,  Part  –3.

List of contents:

  • Pregnancy and hypertension.
  • Symptoms.
  • Managing hypertension during pregnancy

Pregnancy and hypertension:

There are three types of hypertension during pregnancy.
1 –     Chronic hypertension—–Hypertension before pregnancy or you get hypertension 20 weeks before you get pregnant.
2 –    Gestational Hypertension: —- If  you have hypertension only during pregnancy  and do not have  protein  in your urine or other  problem with your  heart or kidney .Usually it is diagnosed after 20 weeks of pregnancy or close to delivery. This type of hypertension disappear after you give birth.
3 –   Preeclampsia Hypertension: —— This condition happens if a woman do not have hypertension before pregnancy and  high blood pressure develop suddenly, protein is found in her urine and other problems appear after 20 week of pregnancy .


  • Headache .
  • Blurry vision, seeing spots and changes in eyesight.
  • Vomiting or nausea.
  • Pain in upper stomach area.
  • Difficulty in breathing.
  • Sudden weight gain.

Managing Hypertension during pregnancy “

  • There are some steps you can manage your hypertension during pregnancy.
  • Maintain your medical check ups even you feel fine.
  • If necessary, take medicines , prescribed by your doctor , to control your hypertension. Check your blood pressure at home and keep its record.
    Avoid eating food with  salt.
    Stay active for at least 30 minutes a day.
    Stop smoking.
    Do not drink alcohol.

source: CDC

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