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Homeopathic Clinic , Patient # 244 – 245

Homeopathic Clinic, Patient # 244 –                                        245

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Patient # 244 — Prostate problem.

Patient # 245 — Body numb while sleeping.

Patient # 244
– Sagheer Ahmad , from Sahdara, Lahore.

Assalam o Alaikum. My age is 66 years, medium built body , a retired government employee. I am facing a problem with my prostate. When i urine, urine does not come out in full. Urine is  in very small quantity and it takes some time. After urinating, i feel as if there is still some quantity of  urine is left in my kidney/prostate. My urine feels little bit hot. I feel that my kidney or prostate is swollen and this inflammation is the cause of my urine hindrance. I will be very thankful if you please prescribe a suitable Homeo medicine to cure my urine problems.

Doctor’s reply.

As we grow older, usually our prostate become enlarged due to prostate inflammation. It causes the hindrance to free flow of our urine. You take the following Homeo medicines to cure your prostate problem , You can chose any one of these :

  1. Fluid Cerifolluce Q — Pour 40 drops of the medicine in one cup of clean water and drink 1/2 hour before breakfast. Do not drink or eat any thing 1/2 hour before and after taking the medicine. Take 3 dose in a day, before breakfast, lunch and before dinner.
  2. .Sabal Serrrulata Q + Calcarea Flurica 30 + Ferrum Phos 30 .  Mix 10 drops of Sabal Serrulata Q,  5 drops of other two medicines   in 1/2 glass of water and drink 3 times a day as prescribed above.
  3. Sabal serrulata Q + Silicea 30. If puss is discharged with urine, these two medicines are on top to cure such condition. Mix both medicine ( 10 drops of  Sabal Serrulata and 5 drops of Silicea )  in half glass of water and drink 3 times a day as prescribed above. I do hope you will feel better , after taking above medicine

Patient # 245 —— Zahoor Ahmad , from Mianwali.

AOA. I belong to a remote area of Mianwali district. My age is 73 years , little bit fatty. I have a problem since 4 years. When i lay down or sleep on either side, the parts of my body  of that side look as if they are ” sleepy”. They become numb  for some time. I rub them for a while to “wake” them up. Previously it used to occur for a small period of time, but now a days the parts of my body “sleep” for a longer period of time. I feel very uneasy with a sensation of crawling aunts on my sleepy parts of body. Would you kindly suggest a Homeo medicine to cure my problem. Thank you in advance.

Doctor’s reply:

As we grow older, the flow  of our blood , for many reasons, is not “perfect”. When we lay down on  one side of our body, the blood flow in that side become less and our parts feel “sleepy”.  I suggest you take one of  the following medicines :

1 –    Ambra Grasea 200 —— Pour 5 drops of the medicine in 1/2 glass of clean  water and drink it 1/2 hour before your   breakfast. Do not eat any thing  1/2 hour before  and after taking medicine. Avoid drinking tea , coffee and smoking for half  an hour after taking the medicine. These things neutralize the medicine’s effects. Take one dose daily for 3 days, then 2 doses in a week. When you feel relief , take a dose twice a month.  

2 –  Arnica Montana 30. —–Drink 5 drops of the medicine mixed in 1/2 glass of clean water 1/2 hour before breakfast, lunch  and dinner as prescribed above. . Continue for one month. After one month, take twice a week, When you feel better, stop taking the medicine. 
DO NOT take both medicines at one time.

I do pray to Al-Mighty Allah to bless you with good health and a piece of mind. I suggest you read :
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