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Homeopathic Clinic, Patient # 246 – 248

Homeopathic Clinic, Patient # 246 –                                        248


Homeopathy system of medicine is based on ” Like Cure like “. It is a natural way of healing the  symptoms of illness. It covers the areas that other systems of medicine raise their hands. Starting from patient number 246, unusual symptoms of illness will be discussed. You must read the previous article :”Homeopathic Clinic, Patient # 242-243” to know how Homeopathy is able to bring the people back to normal life.

List of content:

Patient # 246 — Yawning’.
Patient # 247  — I am not in mood to study.
Patient # 248 — I want to forget my past.


Patient # 246 ——- Ata Ullah from Lahore.

AoA. I am 55 years old, medium built body . I look older than my original age. I run a repairing shop. I feel itching on my body almost all the time. The worst thing is my yawning. I yawn even i am working. People laugh at me and say ” You feel sleepy, better you go and sleep” Will you please help me and prescribe a medicine to get rid of my yawning . Thanks in advance.

Doctor’s reply:

You have not mentioned all symptoms. If your eyes are swollen, you have backache and feel pain in your back while standing up, your tongue is red, you feel thirsty, a great desire to drink milk , then i suggest you to take one dose of the following Homeo medicine:

Rhus Tox  3.  I suggest you visit a Homeo Doctor and request him to give you  the above medicine . Make sure you have not eaten any thing before taking the medicine. Do not eat any thing for 1/2 hour after taking the medicine . Avoid drinking tea, coffee  and smoking for 1 hour after taking the medicine. Take the medicine 3 times a day for 14 days. When you feel some relief, stop taking the medicine.

I do hope you will feel better very soon.

Patient # 247  –  Saeed Ahmad from Gujranwala.

Good morning. I am 19 years old , little bit thin, a college student. I have a strange habit since one year. During night , i  take my books and try to read and memorize my  lessons, but i can not concentrate on the books. I feel i am not in a mood to read the books. This habit is  affecting  my educational progress. Is there any Homeo medicine to cure this habit?.

Doctor’s reply:

You have not mentioned some other symptoms . Any how i suggest you to take only one dose of the following Homeo medicine:

Acidum Fluoricum    30  ——-You must take only one dose of this medicine, before you plan to study. Avoid eating  any thing 1/2 hour before and after taking the medicine, Avoid drinking tea, coffee and smoking 1 hour before and after taking the medicine. These things neutralize the effects of the medicine. If the situation persist, take one dose daily for one month.

Patient # 248—- Abdul Wahid from Sahiwal.

I am 36 years old, 5 ft 10″ tall with 58 kilo weight. I belong to a poor family. I remember , in my childhood , there were times our whole family did not eat our dinner, if you can call it ” dinner”. I do not have enough clothing. I wear the same  dress every  day. My father used to work as a laborer. Some time he did not get any labor work and we used to sleep without eating any thing. I remember,  on such day my parents used to quarrel with each other. These days i am working as a peon in a private  office. I love a girl and wanted to marry her. Her parents refused me to accept as their son in law saying that we are poor and unable to keep their  daughter  happy.

I always remember  all above circumstances  and i can not forget them, especially my very first love. (She is now married some where else). I believe my life has no happiness, I want to forget all above but i am unable to do that. I spend whole night remembering the very painful old days , and i can not sleep . Very disappointed. I will be very thankful if you inform me a Homeo medicine which can help me to forget my previous life, all unforgotten events, the pain of losing my very first love and help me to sleep well.

Doctor’s reply.

Listen to me brother. no doubt you have spent  terribly your previous life , but it does not mean to be dishearted. You must believe that a bright future is waiting for you. Time will change. Be hopeful. Try to participate in some outdoor games. People like a smiling face . Put smile on your face and be happy. In the mean time you take the following Homeo  medicine as prescribed below:

Natrum Muriaticum  1M —— Pour 5 drops of the medicine in half glass of clean water and drink 1/2 hour before your breakfast. Do not eat any thing 1 hour before and after taking the medicine. Do not drink tea, coffee and smoking 1 hour before and after taking the medicine. Drink 2 doses in a week. When you feel some relief, take one dose in a week.

In the mean time,  i suggest you to read our article ” Homeopathic Clinic, Patient #242-243“. You will learn that you alone are not surrounded by sorrows. There are others but they do not let sorrows  to control their lives.

I pray to Al-Mighty Allah to bless you with strength and guide you to face the life bravely.




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