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Homeopathic Clinic, Patient # 253 –

Table of content:

  • Patient # 253—-  Strange feeling. as some one is pulling my hair.
  • Patient # 254 — Warts on hands.

Patient # 253 — Noor Muhammad, from Faisal
Abad .

Hi . I am Noor Muhammad from Faisal Abad. My age is 23 years, slim body. I do not smoke and have  no other bad habits. A college student. Around 2 years ago, one of my friend pulled my hair . We are closed friends and he pulled my hair when we  were joking. This action of pulling my hair has stuck to my brain or in right words to my sub conscious. In the result, most of the times, i feel if some one is pulling backward  my hair  . It happens mostly when i am alone and busy in book reading or doing my home work. I stop reading and shake my head and above feeling is gone. This strange feeling has made me very upset. Would you kindly prescribe any Homeopathic medicine to help me to get free of this feeling. Thanks in advance.

Doctor’s reply:

Some people are very sensitive and  even a small happening will affects their sub conscious. Sub conscious repeats it when the affected person is alone or in deep thinking mode. Any how, Homeopathy has solution for such strange  feeling . The following Homeo medicine  will help you to forget the above strange feeling:

Magnesia Carbonatum 30:

Pour 4 drops of this medicine in 1/2 glass of clean water and drink it before your break fast .Do not eat any thing or tea, coffee or smoking before and after taking the medicine. Take 3 doses in a day. Continue for one month. When you feel some relief, stop taking the medicine. One dose of the medicine once a month will assure the long lasting effects.

Patient # 254 —- M. Munawwar, from Hasan Abdal.

AoA. I am 13 years old , a high school student. I have 5 small warts on the upper side of my both hands. These warts look very ugly. 6 months ago , they were small ,but now they are becoming bigger. I am much worried  about these warts . Please advise me a suitable  medicine to get rid of these watts. Thanks.

Doctor’s reply:

First of all,  bear in  your mind that  the treatment of warts take a little bit long time . You should be patience to continue the treatment. I suggest the following Homeo medicine for your warts on hands:

Kali Murriaticum  30 :

Pour 3 drops of above medicine in 1/2 glass of clean water and drink it 1/2 hour  before your break fast. Do not eat any thing or drink tea, coffee and smoking 1/2 hour before and after taking the medicine. Take  the medicine 3 times a day . Continue until your warts start disappearing. Now take the medicine twice a day . Stop taking the medicine when warts are gone.

Thuja cream:

Apply this  cream on warts daily  until the warts disappear.

I pray to All-Mighty Allah to bless  complete  recovery of health to every patient in the world.


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