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Homeopathic Clinic, Patient # 263, Strange pain

Homeopathic Clinic, Patient # 263

                          Strange Pain

Many people feel difficult to believe that a few drops of Homeopathic dilution can cure some symptoms or illness. Aelopathy stands on victory stand for first aid and surgery . But as  long as other diseases are concerned, allopathic  medicines cure one symptom and produce other symptoms , because of their side effects. Moreover, there are some complaints , where an allopathic doctor will hands up. This article is based on a true story of an illness , where allopathic doctors accepted that they could not understand what is this illness , and what is its treatment  .

 We discussed high blood pressure  and its treatment in our previous “Homeopathic Clinic, Patient # 259-262″ . This article will explain a strange pain in diabetic people, and its treatment. This pain attacked me several times . What i explained in this article , is based on my personal experience. I dont claim that Calcarea Flurica is effective for all people. Every body has different body structure, habits, thinking, behavior, age, sex, feelings and many other matters to be included to find a suitable medicine for a particular patient.  Any how , i do hope this article will be useful for many people.


  • Homeopathic clinic, Patient # 263 — A strange pain.
  • Use of Losartan Potassium.
  • A strange pain started.
  • Homeo medicines for pain.

Patient # 263  =   Abdul Razzaq, from Lahore.

Salam. I am 88 years old , diabetic since last 33 years. I inject my self Insulin daily since  last 19 years. My body glucose is under control perfectly. I have high blood pressure as a free gift of Diabetes. I control my blood pressure with Greek method of medicines. Result is good.

Use of Losartan Potassium:

In year of 2012, allopathic doctor prescribed me Losartan Potassium ( Xavor brand name) 50 mg , one tablet a day. Losartan Potassium’s side effects are very bad. It makes body muscles weakened. Losartan Potassium effected on my leg muscles. And i have muscle cramps almost every night. I can not bend my legs. By doing this , my muscle is pulled and i feel as some one is twisting my leg muscles with a plier. I had to walk for half an hour to get some relief. When i lay down on my bed , muscle cramp starts again. And so on for whole night.

A strange pain started:

Beside my muscle cramps, another pain started. This pain is a unique pain. This pain starts any time, day and night, mostly in either foot, on a fixed place. I feel as if a wave is approaching my foot. This wave hit a fixed place of my foot. That time is very painful. I feel as if some one has attacked my foot and a big knife is inserted in my body. It makes me jumped with pain. I can not pin point the affected place. I dont understand this pain is in my bone or in my skin. This attack is repeated for 72 hours. The interval between two attack is not fixed. It could be after 5 minutes, 3 minutes , and so on.

I consulted many Allopathic doctors . They could not understand  what is this disease. They advised me to take sleeping pills before sleep. That is not the right treatment. Then i thought about the Homeopathic medicines.

Homeo medicines for pain:

In Homeopathy, Beside others, there are the following medicines for such pain ;

1  = Belladona —– Its symptoms are that pain comes suddenly and go                 immediately . Pain appears anywhere  in human body. The pain                         should   not be in bones.

2 = Magnesia Phos —— It has a great effect for muscle pain. It gives                  relief from muscle pain with  in minutes, and lost after 2 to 3 hours.

3 =  Belladona and Chamomilla alternatively = These two medicines                      are taken alternatively for all kind of pain in body.

4 =  Apis Malifica —— Used for a special pain in diabetic people. This                   pain feels as if a needle is inserted in the body, mostly in legs and                   hands.

I tried all above Homeo medicines , but i got no relief. Beside above medicines , i tried all those Homeo medicines which have symptoms of pain.

It happened so that i got above mentioned pain some where in my foot toes. I took one dose of Calcarea Flurica 30. Surprisingly , the pain faded away with in one hour. In an other day i took the above medicine 4 hour later when the pain started. And the medicine did not work. Please bear this point in mind . I realized that i MUST take the medicine as soon as the pain starts.

At another time, i took a dose of Calcarea Flurica 200 , a higher potency . And i got no relief. I came to know that a dose of Calcarea Flurica 30 is the only potency which eliminate my symptom of that strange pain.

That’s all. I do hope , diabetic people , if they have  the same pain, will get relief with this Homeo medicine.

May All-Mighty Allah keep all of us safe from any illness, 



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