Homeopathic Clinic , Patient # 270 , Suicide

Homeopathic Clinic, Patient # 270,                                 Suicide.

Suicide attempts news  appearing daily in news papers. A question arises why people take their own lives ?. Unfortunately , the persons who took their own lives are not able to answer our question. We can only guess why it happened. We all believe that every person who suicided, was on the peak of depression. It is generally believed that people who committed suicide were coward . They have no courage to face the problems. Instead of fighting and struggle to face the difficulties of life, they chose an easy way and they took their own lives. If we look from the religious point of view, suicide is not allowed. Japanese have a different opinion . According to them suicide is allowed and there will be no punishment in their  second lives. Muslims believe that our lives are  a precious gift of All-Mighty Allah, and only He has the rights  to take it back. When a person commit suicide, it means he/she has shared the Allah’s rights to take back one’s life. This is an unforgiveable act.  Committing suicide is a sin which will not be forgiven.


  • Patient # 270.
  • Doctor’s reply.
  • Homeo medicines to treat suicide intension.

Patient # 270,  M. Ikraam from Faisal Abad .

Assalam  O Alaimum. I have a very big problem about my son whos name is Salman Ikraam, age 27 years. A graduate from the university . I will explain every thing about him since his child hood. It might be helpful for you to understand my son’s situation.

Since childhood, my son is very sensitive. He used to go to school regularly. His teacher never complained about his behavior with his class mates. He used to keep quiet  in the class room. Never quarreled with others. After coming back to home, he will sit in a room and study his lessons. I saw him many time when he was looking at one place continuously. At that time, he never looked at me and said nothing. He speak very little to his brothers, sister and  other  persons in the house. Time passed, and he grew up. There was no change in his condition. One day i read his note book. There was one sentence   “Who am i ? ” written on many pages. I was much worried about him. The very first thinking into my mid struck that my son might be under the influence of  “Jinni “. I consulted a person who claimed himself  as master of ” Jinnat ” . He examined my son and said that he did not find any sign of jannat ‘s influence on my son.

When my son reached 25 years , he used to speak different sentences like ” Why i am here ? “.  ” What is the use if being here ? “, ” Should i die ? “. Why un justice every where ? ” ” I am so tired ” ,  ” Suicide is the only solution “. .   I was so worried . I consulted Allopathic doctors. They said your son has no signs of any illness. They prescribed some sleeping pills for my son. My son refused to take further sleeping pills.

Around 3 months ago, when my whole family was eating our dinner , my son suddenly said ” I will commit suicide “. The whole family was shocked. I told my son’s condition to one of my closed friend. He suggested that i should contact A Homeo doctor. He gave my your address and i am here. Please, help me. I know, life  is in the hands of All-Mighty Allah. I am not dishearten from His divine mercy but i am afraid of my son’s condition. My son has talked many times  about his suicide. We do not leave  him alone. Some body is always with him. He cry ” Leave me alone”.

Kindly prescribe a suitable Homeo medicine  to cure my son. Thanks in advance.

Doctor’ s reply.

Salam. I think , your son is the victim of some kind of loneliness. There are many reasons of such loneliness .

  • It is quite possible that your son has a very closed  friend in childhood. Both friends love each others like real brothers. I assume that your son’s close fried either shifted to any other place or died in a terrible accident. That accident affected very badly your son’s brain. That accident have taken place in your son’s subconscious . The subconscious of your son is acting behind his loneliness and other actions. Let me explain  it in details.
  • We assume that your son and his friend love each other like real brothers. Some thing went wrong between them  (we can guess only). Differences occur between both of them. It is known that discontent between friends who love most each other , goes on the last end. Same position might happened between your son and his friend.
  • Here we are in complete dark. We dont know how an accident happened. Was it planned ? Who planned  it ? Was your son present at the time of accident ?  Did he help his friend when he was injured ? Did your son ignore the situation and let his friend die ? Your son might know  every thing. Now he is feeling guilty.  He can not share it with any body. He will be blamed for his friend’s death. He is now feeling guilty , but can not share it with any body.
  • Another theory. Your son must have in deep love with a girl in the childhood. Some thing had happened to that girl and your son can not forget that.
  • Another way to find out the real happening to your son is to contact a Psychologist. The Psychologist can hypnotize your son and listen the real story and  reasons behind   your son’s condition. After the end of Psychologist ‘s session, your son will be quite normal and will never think of committing suicide.
  • As far as your thinking about “Jinnat ” , i believe ,it is just your guess. I could not trace any reason to believe that.

Homeo medicines to treat suicide intention.

As far as Homeo medicine are concerned , i suggest the following Homeo medicines for your son.

Number 1 ;     Aurum Metallicum -1M

Pour 3 drops of above Homeo medicine in 1/2 glass of clean water and let it  drink it one  hour  before your son’s  break fast. Your son  should not eat , drink and smoke 2 hours before and after  taking the medicine. Drinking tea, coffee and smoking is strictly prohibited one hour before and after taking the medicine.  Bear in mind your son  will take only one dose of the medicine. If he think suicide’s desire is still there,  let him take one more dose after 21 days. And no more dose. This medicine will remove the symptoms of  your son’s  suicide desire from his subconscious. Insha Allah.

 Number 2 :        Ignatia Amara 200

Suppose your son  took the above medicine on 1st of a month, take this medicine on the 2nd day of the same month as prescribed above. In the critical conditions , it can be taken daily. In normal condition , take this medicine on alternative days. When your son  feel some relief,  let your son take the medicine twice a week, then once a week. Stop taking medicine when fully recovered. Insha Allah , this medicine will give him relief and eliminate the bad memories from his subconscious. He will , insha Allah, return  to a happy life.

Both medicines are available in the market. Made in Pakistan medicines are also available on cheaper price. I prefer Homeo medicines which are manufactured by William Schwabe ( Germany). They are expensive but effective.

Last words;

I always pray to All-Mighty Allah , to bless every one with success and good health. 






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