Homeopathic Patient # 203-204

Table of contents:

  • 1 . Patient # 203 —Steel rod hitted my stomach
  • 2. Patient # 204 — Wound.

Patient # 203

Mumtaz Haider – Phalia

About  3 years ago, I met with an accident while i was driving my tractor. A solid thick steel rod hit my stomach with full force. I had very severe pain as if something has broken in my stomach. I was hospitalized  and treatment was going on. Doctors kept me on pain killers pills and injections. Time went on and  I have to take  pain killer pills every day. My life has become very terrible. Last year I contacted a well known doctor  in Lahore who diagnosed it as stomach cancer. I am much worried about it. Some times pain becomes worst. Kindly suggest a medicine to cure my pain.

Homeo Doctor’s Suggestion: 
I believe you don’t have stomach cancer. You should take the following medicine as prescribed. I do hope this medicine will cure your pain.

Arnica Montana CM:    Pour 3 drops of the medicine in 1/2 glass of water  and drink it 1/2 hour before meal. Don’t eat any thing after taking medicine for 1/2 hour. This is first doze. Second doze will  be taken after 30 days and so on. Once you feel some relief in pain , take the medicine after 60 days. And then 90 days. When pain is 75% cured, stop taking the medicine. When taking the medicine, avoid to drink coffee, tea and smoking tobacco, either cigarette or Huqqah. If you smoke Huqqah, it is strongly advised to wash your mouth to eliminate Huqqah/Tobaco smell before taking the medicine. Tobacco, tea and coffee neutralize the medicine effects.

I pray to Almighty Allah to grant you full relief from your pain


Patient # 204

Ahmad Bakhsh – Model Town, Lahore

My driver’s father , age 65 years, is suffering from wounds and boils on his both legs since last 2 years. Allopathic medicines as prescribed by doctors were used but they did not cure the boils. Now position is that the patient can not walk. The wounds look as if they are melt discharging  yellowish pus   and bad smell. Kindly suggest a homeo medicine to cure the wounds. Thanks in advance.

Homeo Doctor :    

Keeping in view the symptoms, we recommend the following homeopathic medicine :

Pyrogenum  200  : 
Drink 2 drops of the medicine in 1/2 glass of water  1/2 hour  before or after meal . This is first doze. Second dose  will be taken after 3 days. It is very important to take only 2 dozes in a week. Coffee, tea, smoking tobacco is not allowed 1/2 hour before and after taking the medicine. If the patient smokes Huqqah,
he should wash his mouth to eliminate Huqqah’s smell . Such smell neutralizes the medicine effects. As soon as the patient feels relief in disease, increase interval of taking medicine. When patient feels half relief, he should stop taking medicine. In such case DON’T take the medicine any more. It is rainy season these days .Patient should avoid to get wet. Do NOT eat mango till you get cured.


I pray to Almighty Allah for your complete health . Remember to pray and thanking Allah for His kindness and forgiveness


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