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Homeopathic Clinic – Patient No. 215-220

Homeopathic Clinic – Patient# 215 – 220

Table of contents:

  • Patient # 215 — Blister inside lips.
  • Patient # 216 — Constipation.
  • Patient # 217 — Pain in left leg.
  • Patient # 218 — Swollen throat.
  • Patient # 219 — Body feel cold like snow.
  • Patient # 220 —Cough

Patient  No. 215,  Miss Lubna, Lahore.

AoA. I have a blister inside of my right lip. Its colour is white and is painful. I am 35 years old and a house wife. Kindly advise for a Homeo medicine to cure it. Thanks in advance.

Treatment : The following Homeo medicine is very effective to cure
such mouth blister.
Merc  Cor   30  - Pour 2 drops of medicine in 1/2 glass of
water and drink it 1/2 hour before your break fast.                                                 meals. Avoid drinking tea, coffee and

Patient #  216 , Karamat  Ali  – Okara

Assalam o Alaikum – I have constipation since last year. I go to toilet after 4 or 5 days. The stool is very hard and looks if it is burnt. I am 35 years old with medium built body. I am a shop keeper. Kindly help me to get rid of this constipation. Thanks in advance.

Treatment  : Bryonia 30  is the right Homeo medicine for your constipation. Pour 3 drops of medicine in 1/2 glass of water and drink it 1/2 hour before meals. Do not drink tea, coffee and tobacco smoking  1/2 hour before and after taking medicine. Go for a walk  early in the morning. Drink enough water during day time. Eat green leaves vegetables. Insha Allah you will be healthy again.

Patient  # 217   –  Abdul Ghani  , Lahore.

Hi. I feel sever pain in my left  leg , calf of the leg is numb . Difficult to walk.  I am 66 years old with a slim body. A retired person of a bank. I will be thankful if you kindly advise me some Homeo medicine  to cure my leg’s pain. Thanks in advance.

Treatment :  I recommend you take the following Homeo medicine as prescribed below :
1 – Silicea  CM    one dose after 8 days.
2-  Rhus Tox   CM   one doze next day.
Keep taking medicines i.e. Silicea  first, Rus tox  next
day. Next doze after 8 days. Avoid drinking tea and
coffee 1/2 before and after taking the medicines.

Patient # 218  – Mehmood Raza  M.B.Din

Good morning. I have a throat problem. My throat is swollen after some days. I take medicine and feel relief for a few day and throat is swollen again. I get fever with throat swollen.  It is happening  since last 12 years. Kindly prescribe me any Homeo medicine to cure it.

Treatment   :  I recommend you take the following medicine as prescribed :
1. Bryta Carb  200  –  One doze daily before breakfast,
Continue for one week . Once you feel relief reduce
the doze twice  a week. Stop taking medicine once                          cured.

Patient  #  219  –   Ali  Muhammad ; Lala Moosa

Hi. It happened that i was stuck in snow in Abbot  Abad  on January 2nd this year. My whole body look like it is numb. A week passed i still feel as if cold has effected my bones. I feel cold all the times. with body shivering. Is there any Homeo medicine to take the cold out of my bones ?.

Treatment :   I suggest you take the following Homeo medicine  as
prescribed ;
!  –  Hepper Sulf  200  – Take one doze only.  Wait for
2 days. If you feel relief, do not take the medicine                           any more. If you feel the  symptoms  of cold are
still there, take another doze. and NO MORE doze.

Patient  #  220  –   Zubair   -Lahore

My son , age 6 years, has cough, phlegm comes out of his chest during cough. His chest rattles while talking and coughing. He can not sleep well. I heard that Homeo medicines effect children very fast and have no side effects. Kindly advise a suitable medicine for my child to cure his cough.

Treatment : Homeo medicines  are the best treatment for children illness, having no side effects at all. That’s why people prefer Homeo medicines for their children. Following medicine is a perfect medicine to cure your child :
1  –  Antum Tart  30  –
Pour 2 drops of above medicine in 1/4th glass                                of water and let the child drink it  before meals,                              3 times  a day. You can ask any Homeopathic    doctor to  prepare this medicine in sugar.

Children prefer   medicine  prepared in sugar . Hopefully child will be
cough free stage very soon.          .



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