Homeopathic Clinic – Patient No, 234


Homeopathic Clinic, Patient # 234. 

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  • Patient # 234 —– Weight loss.
  • Moringa  Oleifera.
  • In shot words.

Patient # 234,  Sheikh Jameel Ahmad from Lahore.

AoA My name is Sheikh Jameel Ahmad from Lahore. I am 67 years old, medium build body. I am loosing my weight day by day since last 2 years. Generally i do not feel any illness, but becoming weak and weak every day. It looks as if i have lost my digestive power. My daily intake food has become very small in quantity. I never felt so weak in my life. I consulted many doctors, Every doctor suggested 12 to 14 test t0  carry out. i heard that Homeopathy System of medicine have the ability to cure some incurable or hard to cure illness. Kindly advise me any Homeo medicine that can cure my illness. Thanks in advance.

Doctors’ advise:

Keeping in view your condition and symptoms, we suggest you following two Homeo medicines :

1  –  Nux Vomica – 200.          Pour 5 drops of this medicine in 1/2 glass  of clean water water and drink it in the early morning before eating or drinking any thing. Avoid drinking  Coffee, Tea or smoking before  and after one hour of taking this medicine. Such things neutralize  the medicine effects. No more doze for this medicine is required.

2  – Moringa Oleifera  Q.         I guess you need a comprehensive health tonic which will provide   all necessary minerals, vitamin , amino acid and other important salts necessary  for human health. Fortunately, Moringa Oleifera has all what we need for human health .Moringa Oleifera has the following :

  • It has 4 time more Calcium as compared to milk.
  • It has 2 times more Protein as compared to Yogurt.
  • It has 9 times more Iron as compared to Palak (  a kind of green Spinach).
  • It has 4 times more Vitamin A as compared to Carrot.
  • I has 4 times more fiber as compared to Barley.
  • It has 3 times more Vitamin E as compared to Almond..

In 120 ml mother tincture of Moringa Oleifera , there are:

  • Calories    =    39
  • Vitamin C  = 1.8 mg
  • Protein       = 3.5 mg.
  • Vitamin E   = 1.29 mg.
  • Fats              = o.624 mg.
  • Calcium       = 262 mg.
  • Carbohydrates = 4.9 mg
  • Magnesium   = 53 mg.
  • Fiber               = 1.5 mg.
  • Phosphorus  = 30 mg.
  • Vitamin B-1   = 0.24 mg.
  • Vitamin B-2  = 2.5 mg.
  • Vitamin B-3  = 0.9 mg.
  • Potassium      = 148 mg.
  • Copper            = 0.05 mg.
  • Iron                 = 3 mg.

Beside above, Moringa Oleifera has a number of Phytochemicals like Tannins , Sterols , Terpenoids , Flavonoids and Saponins  . These are Anti-bacterial , Anti-inflammatory and Anti-oxidant .

Moringa Oleifera has Glucosinolates and Isothiocyanates which are being use to fight Cancer.

In short words, Moringa Oleifer  has the following benefits for human body:

  • It has more than 30%  Amino Acid which produce Protein to help to maintain human health and keep human body strong and healthy.
  • Calcium in Moringa Oleifera keep human bones and teeth strong and healthy.
  • Moringa leaves have about 25 % to 30 % Zinc , which is enough for our daily use. Zinc is a necessary part to produce new heritage cells.
  • Moringa has up to 76 % Polyunsaturated fatty acid as Linoleic acid and Oleac acid which has the same benefits as Olive oil which help to reduce cholesterol.
  • Moringa has ability to  control  Diabetes type-2 . The Anti-oxidants in Moringa help to save beta cells and help them to produce Insulin.
  • Vitamin C in Moringa Oleifera prevent from cold and flue.
  • Vitamin A in Moringa help to save our eye sight.

source: world general of pharmaceutical  research, National centre for research: Sudan

Daily dose. Better take 15 drops of mother tincture of Moringa in 1/2 glass of clean water , and drink it early morning. Do not eat or drink any thing after taking the medicine. Take another dose 1 hour before lunch and the 3rd dose one hour after your dinner. Continue taking 3 doses daily  as prescribed . it is better to continue to take this medicine  for at least 3 months.  I do hope you will start feeling better after drinking the medicine for some time.

Moringa leaves can also be used instead of its mother tincture. Moringa tree is found every where in Pakistan and  is known as “Suhanjna Tree”. Remove its leaves from the tree, wash them with water to remove dust on leaves. Let them  dry under shade. DO NOT dry them under the sun. When dried completely, grind them to make powder like. Save it in a glass jar. Its daily dose is 1/2 teaspoon  in the early morning with little  bit warm water. No more dose for that day. It has the same benefits as its mother tincture.

May Almighty Allah keep all of us from any illness.

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