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Homeopathic Clinic,  Patient # 242 –                                         243

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  • Patient # 242 — Mother is crying daily.
  • Patient # 243 — My mother ignore me.


Patient Number 242.  Noor Muhammad, from Bhera.

It happened that  my younger brother , age 11 years died in an road accident about 5 months earlier. It was a painful incident for our family, and we face a hard time to forget it. We, male members of our family try to become busy in our routine work.  And this way we are returning to our normal life. I am much worried about my mother. She is crying almost all the times remembering our younger brother . She almost forgot to eat any food regularly. She is becoming weak and weak every day. I am afraid that some thing bad could happen to our mother. Is there any Homeo medicine to bring our mother back to normal life?. Please help me.

Doctor’s reply.

I do feel sorrow of your family. Every one who born , has to die. You just tell to your mother that every one has to die, even prophets of All-Mighty Allah. In the mean time buy the following Homeo medicine and let your mother to take it as prescribed below:

Ignatia Amara CM. — Let your mother pour 5 drops of the medicine in 1/2 glass of clean water and drink it 1/2 hour  before breakfast. Advise her not to eat any thing 1/2 hour before and after taking the medicine. She should avoid to drink tea or coffee and smoking 1/2 hour before and after taking the medicine. Take the medicine once a week, for one month. I do hope your mother will be coming back to normal life. If she is not fully recovered, then let her take 2 more doses with an interval of one months. No more dose. Insha Allah your mother will be normal very soon.

Patient number – 243 —— Miss Naila, from Lahore.

I am the 3rd child of my parents. I am 16 years old. a student of
10th class.  I do not know how to explain my situation. The behavior of my mother with me is quite strange. I feel as if she do not love or care for me. She always prefer my elder brother and sister in every situation. Good food or clothes are for my elder brother and sister. I feel those are special for my mother. My face is not ugly and i respect my parents. I try my best not to hurt their feelings. I have a strong feeling that my mother does not love me. Can you help me to realize my mother  that  i am her daughter too and need her love and  attention. I heard that some Homeo medications show some miracles. Can i hope a miracle for me too?.

Doctor’s reply:      ——–  As you mentioned, such cases are very rare. It is important to know the cause of behavior of your mother toward you. Any how , do not be dishearted . There is a Homeo medicine to be taken by your mother. I do not know if she is willing to change her attitude toward you . Now it depend upon  you how you can manage to Let your mother to dank the following medicine:

Sepia 200  —– Pour 5 drops of the medicine in 1/2 glass of clean water and let your mother drink it 1/2 hour before breakfast. No food to eat is allowed 1/2 hour before and after taking the medicine. She should avoid to drink tea , coffee and smoking. Only one dose is enough. I do hope that you will soon feel your mother’s  attitude toward you. May Al-Mighty Allah bless and guide you always.


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