Homeopathic Clinic . Patient # 251 – 252

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Homeopathic Clinic , Patient # 251 –                                        252

As we mentioned in ” Homeopathic Clinic – Patient # 24 9 – 250“, that Homeopathy has the ability to remove the symptoms that other systems of medicine can not, or the patient has to face side effects of their medicines, whereas the Homeo medicines have no side effects on human body.

List of contents:
Patient # 251 —Excess Uric Acid, pain in joints.
Patient # 252 —Pimple marks on face .

Patient # 251
—– Ali Muhammad from Faisal Abad

Assalam o Alaikum. I am 63 years old , normal health, cigarette smoker. I am a shop keeper and usually stay in my shop. I have pain in my knees since last 3 years. I feel more pain when i try to stand up. There are times i hear sound ” cluck ” coming from my knees. Doctors say i have access uric acid in my body. They prescribe any pain killer. Such pain killers give relief for one day only and i have to take the pill every day. This is not a good treatment. One of my friend advised me to contact a Homeopathic doctor. I will be very thankful if you please prescribe me a suitable Homeo medicine to cure my pain permanently. Thank you in advance.

Doctor’s reply :

It is natural that when we grow older , many people feel pain in their knees and body joints. Specially those people who eat red meat. If you eat red meat in your meals, i advise to stop eating red meat. Red meat produces more uric acid which accumulate in our body joints. Excess uric acid is the main cause of joint pain. I suggest you stop eating red meat. Eat fish and poultry meat. Vegetables are the best to reduce uric acid in our body .In the mean time, take the following Homeo medicine as prescribed below :
Acidum Benzoicum 200 —– Pour 5 drops of this medicine in 1/2 glass of clean water and drink it 1/2 hour before your breakfast. Do not eat any thing 1 hour before and after taking the medicine. If feel severe pain, then take one dose daily as prescribed above. Do not drink tea, coffee and smoking at least 1 hour before and after taking the medicine. When you feel relief , then take the medicine twice a week.
I do hope you will be fine very soon.

Patient # 252   ——- Rukhsana Zahoor from Mianwali

Assalam o Alaikum. My age is 19 year, a college student, medium built body with 5 ft. 4 ”  height. Since 3 years pimples started appearing on my face. Pimples had white puss inside . I used to squeeze them and little pus and blood used to come out, leaving a small mark on my face. Pimples appear on my whole face. At my present age pimples are gathered on my face. But in less quantity. My face look ugly,  I am much worried about my face . Is there any  Homeo medicine to cure/remove  the marks of pimples on my face ?. Please do help me. I have a fear about my future. Thanks in advance.

Doctor’s reply:

It is normal for most of the people  to have pimples on face starting from the age of 14 to 17 years. I understand your situation and i will recommend the  following:

  • Do not squeeze the pimples on your face.
  • If your skin is oily, do not wash your face with oily soap.
  • As for as Homeo medicine are  concerned , purchase the following Homeopathic medicines:
    1= Calcaria Fluor30
    2= Silicia 30
    3= Natrum Sulph 30
    4= Natrum Phos 30.
    Pour 4 drops of each medicine in 1/2 glass of clean water and drink it 1 hour before your breakfast. Do not eat any thing 1/2 before and after taking the medicine. Do not drink tea, coffee and smoking 1/2 hour before and after taking the medicine. Take the above dose 3 time a day for at least  1 month. when you feel relief , take the medicine 2 time a day, You need to take the medicines for a little bit longer time to make your face free of pimples and pimple marks.

I pray to All-Mighty Allah for your health. May Allah bless and guide you always.


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