Let us teach people not to lose their tempers

Table of contents:

  • 1 . Losing temper.
  • How to avoid bad situation.


Life is miserable now a days. Lot of worries are accumulated in ones mind. Business problems, hunger, unemployment, domestic worries, children education, ancestral enmity, egoistical behavior, poverty and many other reasons are leading a human being to lose his/her temper. Some time we see two person  are quarreling  and when we dig deep into the reason of their conflict, we find a very small point of their fighting.I have seen many times that passengers try to be the first to enter the bus gate to get a seat. Trying to do so they usually jolt/push others, and if the “other” is a hot tempered, fight will begin between them. It looks every one has lost his/her temper these days.We don’t tolerate the action/talk of others. Of course it is very hard to ignore our insult and we will fight back with some one who degrade us. Wait a minute, let us  talk about how to avoid such situation:
1. Respect every one and you will be respected.
2. Try to give a chance to others . Giving chance to others usually produce good results.
3.  Every one has a  certain level of respect/dignity. We should NOT try to degrade that level.
4.  Talk politely. Talking a loud is a sign of illiteracy and brutality. Civilized nations always speak politely.
5.  When meeting any one first time of the day, greet him/her with a smile according to your religion.
6.  While traveling in a bus, offer your seat to a standing old man. After all your are younger than that old man and can stand for a few minutes.
7.   Keep in mind that you are not only one in this world. There are others who have the same rights as you have.
8.   Life is not just work, eat and sleep. Every one have rights/hopes . Try to respect their rights. Help others as much as you can. You will feel happy.
9.  At  the last I stress on two words: “Speak politely”
Now question arises how can we teach all these things. It is not necessary to have a class room. Let us start from our friends.If our friends are habitual to speak loudly, we can ask them “Do you think i am a  deaf? I can hear very well if you speak at a moderate volume”. Definitely he will listen to you. Make  it your habit to explain at least one good habit to your friends. Once even one of your friends acts on your advice, you have put the first stone of your success. Bear in mind that DO NOT force any one to accept your advice.It is human nature to ignore orders (if you are not a boss) and accept request.
May God bless and help you.

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