Muscle Cramp – Part- 2

Muscle Cramp:

Part – 2

Table of contents;

  • Side effects of Diabetes
  • Chest stress.
  • Blockage in blood flow.
  • Side effects of high blood pressure medicines.
  • Muscle Cramps.
  • Check side effects of a medicine before taking it.
  • Banana’s side effects.
  • Conclusion.

Side effects of Diabetes:

I am Diabetic since 33 years.  My Diabetes was diagnosed in year 1993. In fact i had Diabetes  almost 4 years earlier , say some time in 1989. I had no idea at that time that i have Diabetes. I had thrust, poly urinating in a day and night, feet burning and pain in legs.  Uncontrolled Diabetes has many bad side effects including:

  • High blood pressure.
  • Numbed feet.
  • Weakened muscles.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Incurable feet wound.

I controlled my Diabetes with medicines for 10 years .Then my doctor advised me in April 2004 to take Insulin injection daily to keep my blood sugar in control . Since then i inject Insulin twice a day and my blood sugar is perfectly under control. The uncontrolled Diabetes  gave me the gift of above mentioned side effects.

Chest stress:

In April 2012, i  had stress in my chest, with difficulty in breathing. Doctor diagnosed, it is  due to high blood pressure. He advised me to take one 50 mg tablet of Losartan Potassium U.S.P. daily after break fast, which i continued up to April 2021. I got muscle cramps in 2013. I have written complete  details in an article “ Muscle Cramps ” in You can read  it there for more information about Muscle Cramps.

Blockage in blood flow.

In September 2012 , the chest stress became worst. I went to a board of doctors who diagnosed it the result of blockage in blood flow, and  suggested  that i have to go through a Angiography process. The Angiography department gave me a date after  75 days. Doctor prescribed the following medicine to take daily till i go through Angiography process:
1 –       Aspirin 300 mg.
2-       Lisinopril 10 mg.
3 –      Metoprolol
4 –     Atorvastatin 20 mg.

Side effects of High blood pressure medicines.

One day before my angiography schedule, complete test of my blood was carried out. Next day in operation theater , doctors told me that my kidneys are damaged and my angiography process is cancelled.

I came back home and i searched on Google  the side effects of all above medicines . I was shocked to learn that all above medicines have bad side effects on kidneys. I had my Serum Creatinine level stable at 1.4 mg/dl since many years. ( Ideal 0.3 to 1.3 ).  in fact, above medicines damaged my kidneys.

Muscle Cramps.

I searched on google in May 2021 , what are the side effects of Losartan Potassium, the medicine i was taking to lower high blood pressure since 2012. Gosh!. The  Losartan Potassium  make the  human muscle weak. I used to take daily 50 mg of Losartan Potassium , affecting my muscles to be weak and weaker every day. I stopped this routine of taking Losartan Potassium, and result was very surprising. My muscle cramps reduced 50 % . Within one month muscle cramps were  gone 90 % .

Banana’s effects on Muscle Cramps.

Banana contain almost every protein and other mineral which maintain our health. For complete information about Banana , read our article  ” Health Tip # 3, Eat Banana, Stay Healthy”. I used to eat banana daily after my lunch and dinner. In June 2021, i searched on google for the side effects of Banana. I was surprised to know that banana  too contain Potassium. I quit eating bananas. Now i sleep well and NO muscles any more.

To see if bananas have some connection in producing Muscle Cramps, one day i ate 6 bananas in one day. I could not sleep for the whole night due to Muscle Cramps. Next day i did not eat banana and i did not have any Muscle Cramps.


I had painful Muscle Cramps for 9- 1/2 years, almost every night fighting with muscle cramps , I thank Al-Mighty Allah that He grant me relief from those painful Muscle Cramps.

Now i am very conscious and i search  the side effects of any medicine before i taka it. I learned a lesson that if you want to get rid of Muscle Cramps, do the following:

  • DO NOT take any medicine which contain Potassium especially Losartan Potassium.

  • DO NOT eat Bananas.

  • Check side effects of any medicine before you take.


Well this is my personal experience. You have your own choice.










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