New Research # 10 , Covid-19 and Diabetes link.

Covid – 19 and  Diabetes link is presently a to

New Research # 10 ,  Covid-19 and                               Diabetes link.

Covid-19 and Diabetes link topic is   under investigations among researchers. As far as Covid-19 is concerned , the scientists and  general public is divided in two opinions regarding its creation:

  • The scientists believe that Covid -19 was transmitted to human via birds.
  • The general public still believe that Covid-19 is a laboratory  manufactured virus, They say that all previous viruses used to attack a specific argon of human body. Whereas the Covid-19 attacked on almost all parts of human body. However researchers and scientists are still working on it . Thanks to All-Mighty Allah that it is not attacking on its full strength among these days. Its present  mild  attack is on human lungs and is cured within some weeks.

During  Covid-19′ peak days, all parts of human body were more or less infected. Results of those infections are appearing now a days. Human pancreas is one of them . As you know when our pancreas stops producing a Harmon called ” Insulin”, (The major purpose of insulin is to regulate the body’s energy supply by balancing micronutrient levels during the fed state . Insulin is critical for transporting intracellular glucose to insulin-dependent cells/tissues, such as liver, muscle, and adipose tissue). we have diabetes. Many people who had Covid-19, even recovered from Covid-19, are becoming the  victims  of diabetes. Our today’s topic Covid -19 and Diabetes link will focus  on it and explain the latest research about it.


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According to scientists, SARS-CoV2  virus , that causes Covid-19 , has lost its peak period around 6 months ago. According to W.H.O. the Covid-19 pandemic has taken nearly 7 million lives worldwide . The first case of Covid-19 was reported in Wuhan city, China. The virus spreaded  very rapidly all over the world. The advanced countries began to find an effective treatment for Covid 19. Since this virus was a totally new virus, researchers and scientists had a hard time to find an effective treatment for it. It took some time. A vaccine against Covid-19 was manufactured in China. Other countries also found Covid-19 vaccine which have different formula and manufacturing process. All these vaccines needed a clinical trials , to check  side effects etc . The vaccines was given to Covid-19 affected people. As a precaution, to be safe from the virus, every person  was asked to take two doses of  Covid-19 vaccine. Social gathering were banned , wearing mask became compulsory, air traffic were limited, Covid-19 victims were isolated from others. The man kind has never seen or faced such pandemic. Almost 4 years past in  the condition fighting Covid-19. Slowly  virus last its strength and life has returned as before.

Covid-19 has appeared again in mild attack. We need safety precaution to be safe from its attack.

Cognitive effects of Covid-19 :

During Covid-19 pandemic , millions of people were affected  worldwide by this virus. Many were hospitalized. Roughly 1/3rd world’s population remain under virus attack. Million died and millions recovered . The recovered people are now facing some health condition. Long Covid-19 is one among them. Neurology conditions are some of the after effects of Covid-19. ( Some of the most common are epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and other dementias, strokes, migraine and other headaches, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, neurological infections, brain tumors, traumatic conditions of the nervous system such as head injuries and disorders caused by malnutrition ). Since Covid-19 virus attacks on all parts of human body, pancreas is also one of them.

Covid-19 and Diabetes.

As mentioned earlier, when our pancreas become sick, weak or dead and can not produces enough Insulin to regulate sugar , sugar accumulates in our blood. This condition is known as ” Diabetes “. Covid-19 virus  attacks on our pancreas making it sick, weak or dead . In this condition our pancreas does not produce enough insulin and we become diabetic.  Covid-19 virus attacks on  other parts of human body . The symptoms usually appear very late, say after one or two years. This is called ” Cognitive effects of Covid-19 “.

SARS-CoV-2 infection , the virus that causes Covid-19 has long term effects on human health. No matter mild or strong infection. There are some  reports showing the results of increase in diabetes in the victims  of SARS-Cov-2 infection.

  • A recent study published in JAMA Network Open show that infection with SARS-CoV-2 was associated with 3-5 % increase in diabetes in Canadian population in  2020 and 2021.
  • A paper published in Nature USA show increased risk of diagnosis with metabolic disorders following infection, including diabetes.
  • A US based study, published in BMJ in May 2021, showed a significantly  increase of diabetes among people after infection.
  • Another study in 2021 published in Cell Metabolism said that SARS-CoV-2 could infect human pancreatic  B cells , which make insulin , and damage them . In result people will have diabetes.
  • A report published in Diabetologia also reported a higher rate of type 2 diabetes  but not type 1 diabetes after infection.
  • Another study using Veterans Health Administration data published in Diabetes Care showed an increased  incidence of all diabetes diagnosis after SARS-CoV-2 infection in men but not in women.

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Once our pancreas stops producing insulin, the pancreas can not be cured. Pancreas is a tiny part of our body lying beneath our stomach. Once the diabetes is diagnosed , do not waste the time and consult a specialized doctor Follow his/her instructions and take the insulin at prescribed time. Never miss a shot what ever the circumstances are. Take the prescribed units of insulin every time. Keep some thing sweet like chocolate within your reach in case of Hypo. For further and detailed information about diabetes,  read our article ” Are you Diabetic ? Part-1 “

Last words: I always pray to All-Mighty Allah to bless every body with good health and happy life.




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