New Researches – 3

                                       New Researches # 3

Table of contents:

  • excess use of fast food….
  • Drinking Coffee helps to keep human liver healthy.
  • World oldest University.
  • Loneliness lead to heart attack.
  • Eating processed mean is a main cause of psychological problems.
  • Eat yogurt daily and stay healthy.

 Excessive use of fast foods, cold drinks, tea, sugar and meat are the main cause of cancer

British Health Specialists have said that drinking 3 to 5 cups of coffee daily reduce the danger of Liver cancer and fatty liver upto 40%.

      Drinking Coffee helps to keep human Liver healthy.

Researchers of Royal Society of Medicines, London revealed that drinking coffee in moderate quantity is very effective and useful to keep human Liver healthy. Professor Creem Alexander of University of London has also confirmed the above research.

 World’s Oldest University

According to UNESCO and Genus Book of Record, world’s oldest university “Jamia ul Qrobeen”  was established in Marakish (Morocco)  city ” Phas”. This university was built by Princess “Fatima”, the resident of Phas city. Fatima’s sister  “Mariam” build a masjid (mosque) “Undulaseen” beside the university. This Masjid was so large that 20,000 people could pray at one time. It is certified from many old records that Jamia ul Qrobeen was the world’s very first university which started to issue educational degree to the students after completion of  their education syllabus.

 Loneliness leads to heart attack

British Heart researchers say that lonely persons, who cut off from the society, are the easy victim of heart attack and paralysis. They die sooner as compared to those who use to mingle in society.

 Eating Processed Meat is a main cause of psychological problems

Nutrition researchers of John Hopkins University, USA have revealed in their long term investigation that processed meat eaters will face psychological problems. To increase taste of meat, to keep the meat fresh for a long time in freezer, some chemical are mixed in meat. Another chemical is used to ferment in meat. Meat is
cooked in smoke. This is processed meat, and nutritionists have declared such meat harmful for human health.

According to Science Magazine report, nitrate is used to keep the meat safe for a little bit long time. Jelly made by cow and buffalo’s meat and fat is also a kind of processed meat. Eaters of such processed meat face lack of attention, lack of sleep and other psychological problems. Researchers conducted surveys and found
that such patients used to eat processed meat 3 times more than normal quantity. Mr. Robert Yulkin, Head of the team said that during our investigations, we found processed meat the most harmful for human health.

Eat fresh food and stay healthy


 Eat Yogurt daily and Stay Healthy

Health specialists in Washington, USA, conducted a very large survey and proved that eating Yogurt saves from high blood pressure and other heart diseases. As you know, high blood pressure is the main cause of paralysis, daily eating of Yogurt saves from it. Mr. Justin, a member of investigation team say that team kept the record of thousands persons for 30 years and found that eating Yogurt daily has very useful effects on heart and keeps the blood pressure normal.



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