New Researches – 2

New research # 2

Table of contents:

  • Is your car safe from thieves?
  • High Caffeine Energy drinks  are health hazardous.
  • Let children play video and blocks games.

 Is your Car safe from Thieves?

A few years ago , the car owners depend on the lock fitted in the car to keep it  safe from car thieves. To open such locks was easy to car thieves. Car thieves  usually have a master key to unlock any car. Time passed on and a new wireless lock system was introduced. A mechanism/device  is  fitted in the car , connected to car battery. The car owner has a small remote control panel which has two symbols, lock and open. When you  press “lock” symbol of the control panel from a certain distance, car will be locked automatically. To unlock the car, press “open” symbol , pointing the control panel towards the car. Such system/device works on magnetic field produced by the system/device fitted in the car. Such devices produce different frequencies of rays and one control panel can not unlock every car.

Up-till now, such locks were believed to be the solution to save the cars from car thieves. Car thieves studied its function, how it works and then found a solution (they have brilliant brains). The mechanism/device fitted in the cars produce magnetic field on a certain frequency. Remote control of such locks also  produce such signals , and car thieves catch these signals. They have remote controls of different frequencies . They try remote control of different frequencies to unlock  a car. Some time they are successful. If the car owner is lucky, no frequency will match to his/her car’s remote control.

What to do ? It is suggested to keep your car’s remote control wrapped with an aluminum foil. In this way, signal produced by the remote control will be absorbed by aluminum foil and car thieves will not be able to catch such signal and your car will be safe.

 High caffeine energy drinks are health hazardous

  • Energy drinks are  easily available in the market and young generation is very fond to drink such drinks. They think they will become Tarzan after drinking it , as shown in advertisements shown on TV. Caffeine is the main ingredient of such drinks. Caffeine triggers blood pressure to jump up and drinker thinks he/she gain more power.
  • American health researchers have said that caffeine level in energy drinks should be less than 200. Energy drinks available in the market have this level more than 300 and these drinks have bad effects on children and pregnant women health. Excessive use of such drinks lead to high blood pressure, hyper tension and other diseases.

 Let children play video and blocks game

Child Specialist researchers have discovered that :

1. Children who play with blocks gain better ability to recognize words. It will help them to read the books easily.

2. Think Tank type questions (children have to think before answering such questions) increase the I.Q. level of children.

3. Some children play video game continuously. This is considered not good. Video games have good effects on children if played for short time (not the whole day). New research say that during playing video games:
i. Player gain more ability to remember the things.
ii. Player learn to take right steps or actions . This ability can help them in future life.

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