New Researches – 4

                                 New Researches – 4

Table of contents:

  • Energy drinks are health hazardous.
  • Methods to prevent Baldness.
  • Too much drinking water to small babies.

 Energy Drinks are health  hazardous

SipraWorld4all  published an article “New  Research # 2” describing that Energy Drinks containing caffeine more than 200 ppm are health hazardous and can be a cause of high blood pressure, heart diseases and other killing diseases.

Punjab Food Authority started a crack down against such energy drinks from the beginning of 2019. Authority checked 945 places and 524,000 bottles/cans (197,222 ltr) containing caffeine level more than 200 ppm were destroyed. A factory was sealed because caffeine level in their energy drinks products was found 450 ppm a bottle/can, which is very harmful for human health. This is a very positive step to save our nation specially young generation from some killing diseases.

Do not put your life in danger with your own hands.

 Methods to prevent Baldness

Some people lose their head hair slowly and they become bald. As the researchers say, hair loss is a common disorder and it can cause considerable damage to emotional health, including loss of self-esteem and confidence. Such people spend lot of money to prevent their hair loss. The easiest and low price method to prevent hair loss is head massage. According to medical specialists, blood circulation increases in skull and in hair roots during head massage resulting growth of strong hair.

A head massage for 4 minutes in a day, increase the function of genes, responsible for hair growth and their strength. But this head massage is useful in the beginning of hair loss. Once head is bald, this method does not work.

Medical Ways for Prevention
Only two drugs are currently available to treat balding (androgenetic alopecia):

  • minoxidil, for men and women
  • finasteride, for men only

It is advised that you consult your doctor before using these medicines.


Research # 3 –

Too much drinking water to small babies is harmful

Researchers and  physicians at John Hopkins Children Center in Baltimore have advised the parents that they should not give water to drink  to their babies younger than 6  months. If such babies are given too much water to drink, a threat of water intoxication is possible

Dr. Jennifer Anders,  a pediatric emergency physician at the center also advised that when babies are thirsty, the best fluid for them to drink is their mothers’ breast milk. The reason behind it , is that kidneys of such babies is not yet matured, and if too much  water is given them to drink, their bodies will release sodium along with excess water, and it can effect the brain activity .

Symptoms of water intoxication are  ;                                                                  1 –   Irritation                                                                                                    2 –   Drowsiness                                                                                                3 –   Low body temperature   (97 F/35 C or less )                                      4 –   Mental changes                                                                                        5 –   Swollen face.                                                                                     In case children have above symptoms, a medical doctor, specially a child specialist must be consulted.

Symptoms usually appear slowly and can be recognized easily. It is strongly recommended that babies 6 months old or younger should not be given water to drink. Parents should avoid giving babies, the pediatric drinks containing electrolytes. If babies older than 6 months , and have constipation in very hot climate, a small amount of clean and pure water can be given to them (not more than 2 ounce at one time).

SOURCE: Reuters


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