Table of contents:
  • 1 . What is smog ?
  • 2 . Causes.
  • 3 . What to do ?.

What is smog ?

Smog is spread over many cities of  Pakistan these days. What is Smog ?. Smog is a mixture of smoke, fog and dust. Almost three months passed, not a single drop of rain fell on our soil, and dust is found everywhere. Factories smoke is polluting our atmosphere. Auto vehicles are discharging smoke. Winter season is approaching and heavy fog covers most of the area in the morning.
Causes of smog.
Most of the farmers prefer to cut their rice crops with machine which cut rice crops 9″ to one foot above root. Taking the easy way to get rid of these left over, farmers burn them. This fire produce heavy smoke. When all these factors mix together, smog is produced. According to recent research of NASA, the present wave of smog was produced by heavy smoke somewhere in Indian occupied Punjab province, where farmers burnt the left over of rice crops after harvesting  crops.
Smog is very harmful to our health. It effects on our lungs, throats and eyes. People will suffer from cough, asthma, fever and cough. Eyes become red.
What to do ?.
Smog is out of our control, but we can take some steps to reduce its effects :
 1. Drink lot of water.
 2. Wear mask while going out.
 3. Wash your eyes with cold water several times a day.
 4. Consult a doctor in case eyes become red.
 5. Don’t touch your eyes if your hands are dirty.
 6.Keep your hands clean .
 7. Stay at home most of the time if possible.
 8. Minimize your travelling.
 9. Keep doors and windows of your house closed.
10. If your auto vehicle discharges smoke, get it tuned.
11. Take special care of children and aged persons.
12. Avoid to drink very cold drinks.
13. Wear lose dress and cover your head.
14. Sprinkle water on dusty soil.
May God save us from smog’s bad effects

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