Syllabus in Primary Classes

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            Syllabus in Primary  Classes

Table of content:

  • Introduction.
  • Syllabus of Primary books.
  • Free travelling of students.


Children are considered as the next builders of a nation, and their teaching starts from primary classes in a school. The children brain is like a plain white paper. What ever  the children will be taught at this stage , it will be engraved in their brains for ever. They will chose the goals of their lives  according to the teaching in their childhood.

Syllabus of primary books:

To achieve the good results, syllabus of primary books play a leading role . Here are some suggestion to improve this syllabus. These suggestions are not the last word. These can be modified according to the best interest of the nation.

  1. Faith :  Majority of the population of Islami Jamhuria Pakistan is Muslim. The basic belief of Muslim must be added clearly in the books There should a period of Islamic Studies every day. Non Muslim students can be exempted to attend the period. If they are willing to attend the period, they should be welcomed.
  2. Islamic History :  Children must know the History of Islam, what is Khalafat in Islam, the great victories of  Muslims, Jehad, behavior of  Muslim conqueror toward the conquered population etc must be explained in detail in the syllabus.
  3. Civics : Civics teaches us how to behave with man kind. Unfortunately ,  our attitude towards other is not set as example. We like ourselves to be looked superior among  others. Civics teaches us “Live and Let Live”. It also tells our rights and duties in a civilized society. This is a very important subject to be included in primary books syllabus.
  4. Pakistan Study : Every student must know the following ;
    1. Why Indian Muslims demanded a separate independent country ?
    2. What is Qarardae e Maqasd ?, when and where it was presented ?
    3. What made the Muslim to have a pure Muslim political party ? Its founder?
    4. Pakistan History : Creation of Pakistan, migration of Muslims from India, perfidious role of Lord Mount Baton, difficulties to solve Muhajreen issue, Kashmir dispute, injustice decision of giving Gurdaspur district to India and other issues to   realize  and know the students how much hard time Pakistan faced in the beginning. Then Martial Law eras, separation of  our eastern wing, wars with India, and so on. Students must know every thing about their country. It will raise their love and loyalty towards Pakistan.
    5. In the school books , there shout NOT be a single word against our basic belief.
    6. It is a common practice in  schools to force the students to buy the books written and printed in other countries, specially from U.K. It is a foolishly act to ask a non Muslim person to write Islamic basic belief for primary class students !. Such books written by non Muslims should be banned immediately. Education Ministers of all provinces must be held responsible for such carelessness.
Free travelling of students in the public transport buses.

Though this topic have no concern with primary books syllabus, but it has a life time effect on students’ mind. Let us talk about it in detail :
When Z.A .Bhutto was in power, he issued an order , to gain students’ sympathy, allowing students to travel free of cost, in any public transport bus. After issuing of that order, students used to enter in the buses by force, some times more than 10 in one bus. Some drivers tried not to stop the bus and students broke bus window glasses by throwing stones . In many cases, bus  passengers
were injured by stones thrown by students.. Now a days, students block the road compelling the bus driver to stop the bus and let the students enter in the bus. Around 50 years past, this practice is still alive. Now we analyze, in deep,  its results :
Students put in their mind that free travelling is their legal right. And this repeated routine of free travelling became their 2nd nature. When these students entered in real life, their above 2nd nature forced them to have most of the things  free. This habit lead to corruption. If you go deeper in mega corruption cases, you will find the most people involved in corruption were student when free travelling for students was allowed. It is a a very serious fact and we MUST remove the reason .
I strongly recommend that free travelling of students in public transport buses  should be banned and stopped at once. A nominal
mount of Rs.10/- must be charged from student for one way travelling. It will help the students to be a responsible citizen of the country. The habit of getting every thing free will not grow, and hopefully the corruption will be reduced.


As a citizen of Pakistan, we must try our best to raise awareness among people to reach the authorities for the betterment of our children.

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