Covid – 19 Updates in brief, part # 20

Covid-19 Updates in brief, part # 20

Covid-19 Updates in brief, part # 20 will present some new researches . Covid-19 looks like an Octopus spreading its branches  in the whole human body. The researchers are finding new cognitive symptoms which are appearing one and half to two years after Covid-19 infection. No doubt Covid-19 vaccines are effective against Covid-19 infections, but their action is limited. These vaccines need improvement and drug makers are already working on it. We have to wait for two to three years  to have a perfect Covid-19  vaccine, which will cure all cognitive symptoms .

Covid19 Updates in brief, Part # 19 ” covered a time period from May 16, 2022 to May 31, 2022. ” Covid-19 Updates, # 20 ” will cover a period of time from June 01, to June 15, 2022.


  • Covid-19  vaccines.
  • Thyroid gland  dysfunction and Covid-19.
  • Covid-19 vaccines, how many doses are effective ?


Covid-19 vaccines.

  • It is now believed that Covid-19 vaccines are trusted source to lower the risk of death by 34 % , and long Covid  by 16 percent compared to the unvaccinated people with SARS-CoV-2 infection.
  • Researchers also observed  that Covid-19 vaccine are remarkably effective to fight against some of the worst long Covid  symptoms . Lung and blood clotting disorders are among those systems.
  • The Washington University School of Medicine in St .Louis , has suggested that vaccination alone may not be enough to stop Covid-19 infection. It will also not prevent long DOVID.

Thyroid gland and Covid-19.

  • Thyroid gland is a very important gland in human body. It regulates metabolism, body temperature and heart rate. Researchers of University of Milan, Italy , discovered a link between Thyroid gland dysfunction and Covid-19, no matter moderate or severe.
  • They also found Thyroiditis in people with severe Covid-19 , one year after infection.


Covid-19 vaccines, how many doses are effective ?

  • A may 31, 2022 study in the BMJ found that 3 doses of the same Covid-19 vaccine or a combination of different type of vaccine work similarly well to prevent infection. Such doses are also effective to prevent infection from different variants.
  • Adult 50 years and older are eligible  for a second booster.


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