Diabetes leg cramps and pain

Diabetes leg cramps and pain.

Diabetes leg cramps and pain is  the topic of our today’s article. According to 2021 survey ,  there were 33 million adults living with diabetes in Pakistan. This is a 70 % increase in diabetic people  since 2019. Statistics show that our country Pakistan stands on third highest number of citizen living with diabetes in the world. China stands on the highest number , 141 million people  and India stands on second number with 74 million people  living with diabetes. It is estimated that millions of women and more than 40 % of children across the country are malnourished . ( Malnutrition is a serious condition that happens when your diet does not contain the right amount of nutrients. It means “poor nutrition” and can refer to undernutrition – not getting enough nutrients ). When these women give birth to ” poor nutritional ” babies , it increases the risk of childhood diabetes. There are some countries which have lowest percentage of diabetic people.  Lithuania, Estonia and Ireland have the lowest percentage of around 4 % . ( 1st position ) Sweden, Luxembourg, U.K. and Australia stand on 2nd position ( Around 5 % ). Canada is at 7%. For more details visit  “ Muscle cramps “  and ” Muscle cramps  part-2 ” for muscle cramps.


  • Types of Diabetes.
  • Symptoms of diabetes.
  • Leg cramps.
  • Leg pain.
  • Treatment.
  • Allopathic medication.
  • Homeopathic medication.
  • Tib -e- Islami medication.
  • Home remedies.

Types of Diabetes:

There are two types of Diabetes.

Diabetes type 1:

This type of Diabetes is found mostly in children. In such condition. our pancreas does not produce any insulin to burn the glucose . Such patient has to inject  insulin every day for the whole life.

Diabetes type 2:

There are some reasons a person will have diabetes:

  • if mother is diabetic, the next generation have the risk of having diabetes. If mother and father both are diabetic, their children have 90 % risk to have diabetes.
  • Obesity is one of main cause of diabetes.
  • Eating  excess sugary diet most of the time.
  • Eating a lot and no exercise.

Symptoms of diabetes:

What ever we eat, it is converted into glucose in  our body.  There is a tiny gland called ” pancreas ”  beneath our stomach. Pancreas produce a Harmon called ” Insulin “. Insulin carry the body glucose to our muscle and burn there and provide muscle strength. If our pancreas , by any reason, stops or produce less insulin, which is not enough to burn glucose, and this unburned glucose accumulate in our blood, this condition is called ” Diabetes”. The following symptoms point to diabetes:

  • Frequent urination. Most people urinate four to seven times in a day. …
  • Excessive thirst.
  • Extreme hunger.
  • Weakness/fatigue.
  • Pins and needles.
  • Blurry vision.
  • Itchy skin.
  • Slow healing wounds and increased skin infections.

If any one have above symptoms, he/she should immediately consult  a doctor, and start taking the prescribed medications. Bear in mind that diabetes has no cure. But it could be kept  under control with medications. It is strongly advised to  inject insulin injection to prevent further nerve damage.

Leg cramps:

Diabetes certainly lead to some complication. Muscle cramps are one of them. A long term uncontrolled diabetes damage the nerves, and leg cramps occur.  This is  very painful , when the leg muscles twist. In this condition, one can not stretch the legs. In such condition one should walk slowly, until muscles come back on normal position. Try not to twist your legs.

When  uncontrolled long term high blood sugar ( Hyperglycemia )  damages nerves in our arms and legs, this condition is known as  ” Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy “. Peripheral Neuropathy has serious effects on legs and feet. Feet and legs pain, tingling , burning and numbness are its common symptoms.  You can make these Diabetic leg cramps and pain less severe by managing  leg cramps and pain.

High blood pressure is a free gift of Diabetes. Some people take  “Losartan Potassium ”  to control their high blood pressure. Losartan Potassium  make the muscle weak if taken for a long period of time . I used to take Losartan for 10 years and i had very severe leg cramps. I stopped taking Losartan Potassium and now i sleep well waihout leg cramps.

Leg pain:

A long term uncontrolled blood sugar will damage the  nerves . In the result legs and feet pain start. Leaving such condition untreated,  will damage the nerves seriously . Such condition is terrible. To avoid such bad condition, try to maintain your blood sugar within targeted levels. Talk to your  doctor to advise the treatment.

Foot pain is more terrible. Hard to walk. Wear a very soft shoes or sleepers. Due to uncontrolled blood sugar, the sugar accumulate in the tiny blood vessels  in the feet and blood does not circulate among those nerves. The feet become numb, and  we feel burning sensation.


As you know, there are three famous  healing systems now a day. They are:

  • Allopathic system of medicine  .
  • Homeopathy system of medicine.
  • Tib – e-  Islami  system of medicine.

Now we will discuss above system of medicines separately.

Allopathic system of medicine :

This system of medicine is currently popular in the world. As far as the Diabetes leg cramps and pain is concerned , an Allopathic doctor will subscribe a pain killer for relief. This is a temporary relief and not a cure. The patient will take another dose of pain killer after a certain period of time. Such pain killers have bad side effects on human kidney. If it happens that your doctor advised you to take pain killer, request the doctor to add some medications to neutralize the side effects of the pain killer. It will be better if you insist the doctor to prescribe any cream or lotion for Diabetes leg cramps and pain. A cream for pain and burning relief is available at the medical stores. It is sold under the name of ” Diabetic Foot Cream “. If you have Diabetes leg cramps and pain, consult a doctor immediately before it gets worse.

Vitamin B – 12  found in fish supports red blood cells. It also promote healthy nerve function to prevent damage.

A common drug named ” Metformin ” is used with type 2 diabetes . This medicine lowers the body’s vitamin B-12 levels. Before taking this medicine to control diabetes, make sure your Vitamin B-12 level is not low.

Vitamin D will help support healthy nerve function . It will also decrease swelling that can lead to pain.

Always eat healthy diet. This will lessen leg cramp and pain. Consult your doctor in this meter. Keep your blood sugar levels within specified range.

Homeopathic system of medicine.

Some people do not believe in Homeopathy. They wonder how come that two or three drops of a Homeo medicine will relieve the Diabetes leg muscle and pain !. The following Homeo medicines are used to ease muscle cramp and pain.

Megnasia Phos 200 :

When you have diabetes leg muscle and pain, pour three drops of  Homeo medicine “ Megnasia Phos 200 “ in 1/2 glass of  half warm water and drink it. Muscle cramp will go away with in 5 minutes. Do not bend your legs . keep them straight for some time.

Pessy Flora Q :

Drink 10 drops of Pessy Flora Q in 1/2 glass of clean water before sleep. You should have eaten your dinner one hour before you take this medicine.

Tib – e – Islami system of medicine:

Tib – e – Islami also known as ” Greek system of medicine ” present a full range of medicine for all types of disease. You know every medicine has its own side effects. In Tib – e – Islami , a Tabib ( Doctor) prescribes a medicine for a certain disease. The Tabib will add some other medicines to neutralize the side effects of basic medicine. In this way, the patient will not suffer from the side effects of the basic medicine.

In Tib-e-Islami , a herb called ” suranjan ” is used as pain killer. Suranjan is never used alone . The Tabib will add some more herbal medicine  with Suranjan to neutralize its side effects .The compound of such medicines is called “Majoon“.  There are some medicine manufacturing companies like Hamdard Dawakhana, Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan, Qarshi and others who make ” Majoon  Suranjan ”  and sell in the market. Eat 1/2 tea spoon in the morning and evening to prevent Diabetes leg cramps and pain. This medicine also provide relief from foot pain and foot burning, and has no bad side effects.

Home remedies:

It is not enough to take the medicine for relief of Diabetes leg cramps and pain and leave the rest on medication only. You need more to do to spend your life comfortably. The doctors suggest the following :

  • Go for a short walk frequently. This will improve the blood flow  in the blood vessels. A stationary bike is a good substitute of walk.
  • Wash your legs with warm water. Soaking in a warm water bath has the same effect.
  • Rubbing your legs with olive oil will help to increase blood flow in the legs . This will decrease leg cramps and pain.

Discuss with your doctor about leg cramps and pain, even mild.  Be aware that  it can be symptoms of Peripheral Arterial Disease. Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in the legs or lower extremities is the narrowing or blockage of the vessels that carry blood from the heart to the legs. It is primarily caused by the buildup of fatty plaque in the arteries, which is called atherosclerosis.


Last words:

If you like to live longer and enjoy your life, try to keep your blood sugar levels under recommended range.














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