Homeopathic Clinic, Patient # 268 – Know your Heart rate.

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Homeopathic Clinic, Patient 268

              Know your Heart rate.

Know your heart rate is the topic of our article ” Homeopathic Clinic, patient # 268, know your heart rate “. One of our reader sent us a letter asking us ” how to treat a fast heart beat with Homeopathic medicines”. Since fast heart rate is a common symptom in many individuals, we think , our article will help those people to manage their heart rate with the help of this article. For more informations about your heart, please read article ” Homeopathic Clinic, Blood pressure, A to Z, part-1

Patient # 268 – Farman Ali from Pak Pattan.

Dear Doctor , AOA. My daughter (S) age 25 years  had  fever around 7 months before. I took her to the hospital. Doctor diagnosed  it as Typhoid fever and prescribed some medicines. My daughter ate those medicines and the fever go went gone. Now she has another problem. Her heart  pulse rate is very fast. It looks as if her heart is running very fast .Doctors gave different medicines to slow down heart beats. When ever my daughter take those medicine, she goes to asleep. When she awake up, the heart rate jumps to high speed . I am much worried about my daughter’s condition. Kindly help me and prescribe some Homeo medicine to bring my daughter’s heart rate normal. Thank you in advance.

Doctor reply.

Thank you for your query. Before i prescribe the Homeo medicines to treat fast heart beats, i would like to discuss some thing about heart rate.


  • Normal resting  heart rate:
  • Children heart rate.
  • Maximum heart rate.
  • Target heart rate.
  • Dangerous heart rate.
  • Slow heart rate.
  • Find your heart rate.
  • Effects of Typhoid fever.
  • Homeo treatment for high heart rate.

Normal resting  heart rate.

Heart rate is the number of times our heart beats in a minute. Our heart rate changes and does not stay at one level all the time. It will change in our emotional state and during exercise . Heart rate is always measured when some one is at rest and relaxed. This is known our resting  heart rate.

Our resting heart rate is when our heart pumps the minimal amount of blood that our body needs. Our body need less amount of blood when we are resting.

Usually between 60 and 100 heat  beats per minutes is considered as normal resting heart rate for adults. If you are exercising, your heart rate can be higher or lower. It depends on your activity. Beside that , your age, level of activity and certain medications have affects  on heart rate. The resting heart rate of children may be higher than an adult heart rate, Athletes ‘ heart rate could as low as 40 beats per minute and still considered as normal. People taking some medications like beta blockers can have lower resting heart rate.

The  following table  show the average normal resting heart rate for adults based on their age.

Age ( years)          Average resting heart rate  ( bpm)

18  to  20                 81.6

21  to  30                 80.2

31 to  40                 78.5

41  to  50                 75.3

51  to  60                 73.9

61  to  70                 73.0

71  to  80                 74.2

over  80                   78.1

Some factors can change your heart rate. These are:

  • Temperature.
  • Pain.
  • Medication side effects.
  • Emotions.
  • Weight.
  • Anemia.
  • Body position.
  • Smoking.


Children heart rate:

Children heart rate changes as the they grow. The following table show the pediatric resting heart rate, awake or asleep.

Age                     waking resting h. rate (bpm)      Sleeping heart  rate (bpm)

Newborn to

3 months.            85 to 205                                            80 to 16

3 months to

2 years.                100 to 190                                             75 to 160

2 to 10 years         60 to 140                                              60 to 90

Over 10 years        60 to 100                                              50 to 90

Maximum heart rate:

You can estimate your age related  maximum heart rate during exercise. There is an easy formula. Subtract your age from 220. For example, for a 30 years old person , the estimated maximum age related heart rate will be calculated as 220 – 30 years = 190 beats per minutes. This  maximum  heart rate finding during exercise  will help you to find out if you are exercising too hard or  you need more hard exercise.

Target heart rate:

American Heart Association recommends your target heart rate during moderate exercise  should be  50 to 70 % of your maximum heart rate. The following chart shows the target heart rate range and average maximum heart rate of different ages , based on AHA :

Age (years)      Target H. rate (bpm)      Average max. H. rate (bpm)

  • 20                           100 to 170                    200
  • 30                            95 to 162                     190
  • 35                            93 to 157                     185
  • 40                            90 to 153                     180
  • 45                            88 to 149                     175
  • 50                            85 to 145                     170
  • 55                            83 to 140                     165
  • 60                            80 to 136                     160
  • 65                            78 to 132                     155
  • 70                             75 to 128                    150

Dangerous heart rate:

When our heart beats is too fast, it is called ” Tachycardia” ( Tachycardia  is the medical term for a heart rate over 100 beats a minute. Many types of irregular heart rhythms (arrhythmias) can cause tachycardia ). Usually a fast heart beat above 100 bpm is considered as high heart rate. There are some health conditions which are cause of Tachycardia. These are:

  • Congenital heart disease. (Congenital heart disease is also known as CHD. They are structural abnormalities of the heart and can cause other issues in the great vessels. These abnormalities occur while the fetus is developing. This is why it is called congenital, it is there since birth. CHD is a common type of birth defect but is also the leading cause of death in babies ).
  • Anemia.
  • Hyperthyroidism, ( Hyperthyroidism is known as overactive thyroid. It occurs when your thyroid gland makes and releases too much thyroid hormone).
  • Blood flow effecting heart disease.
  • Heart injury from heart attack.
  • Drinking caffeine or alcohol.
  • stress.
  • Physical exercise.
  • Pregnancy.

Beside above, taking illegal drugs , misuse of prescribed medication and using non prescribed products can cause of too fast heart beats.


Slow heart rate:.

Too slow heart rate is called “Bradycardia”. If the heart beat is less than 60 beats per minutes, it comes under Bradycardia. Peoples who exercise regularly and athletes ‘ heart beat less than 60  bpm is considered as normal and even healthy. The following are possible causes of bradycardia:

  • side effects of medicines
  • Abrupted sleep .
  • Any health condition.
  • Electrolyte imbalance.
  • Old age.
  • Heart problems.

Prolonged not treated  Bradycardia or Tachycardia can come more serious and become cause of dizziness and fainting.

Find your heart rate..

Know your heart rate.      A simple method .



There are many devices which can help  to calculate heart beats per minutes. The American Heart Association recommend a simple method to  check your heart beats manually. Many doctors and Hakeems check the heart beats with this method . It is so simple.

  • Find your pulse on the inside of your wrist.
  • Put the tips of your first two fingers over artery.
  • Press the finger tips slightly over artery.
  • Count the pulse for 30 seconds. Then  multiply  that number by 2  and you will get your heart beats per minute.

If your heart beats are too  fast  or too  slow, or you are  feeling uncomfortable, do not rely on above method . In such case , consult a doctor immediately.


Effects of Typhoid fever.

Typhoid fever is a life-threatening infection caused by the bacterium Salmonella Typhi. It is usually spread through contaminated food or water. Once Salmonella Typhi bacteria are ingested, they multiply and spread into the bloodstream. Symptoms include a high fever, weakness, stomach pains, headache, and loss of appetite. Sometimes, a rash of flat, rose-colored spots may appear. Antibiotics are often used to treat the disease.

It is believed among folks that Typhoid fever has four steps. It will leave the body after 7 days . Giving strong medication is dangerous. If the fever is still there, it will be cured automatically after 14 days, or 21 days or 42 days. Typhoid fever ‘s poison travel in the body . If strong medicines are given to the patient for relief of the fever, and patient got relief, the typhoid fever’s poison will effect on the human body’s part where it was present at that time. I know two example of this effects. One of my friend’s doctor mother had Typhoid fever. She took some strong medication to get relief from Typhoid  fever. She got the relief from fever but she became blind. Another example. One of my male relative had Typhoid fever. He also took medicines to get rid of Typhoid fever. His fever was gone, but he became blind.

It is very important NOT to try to get rid of Typhoid fever with fever breaking strong medications. A qualified doctor is the only choice to consult.

Homeopathic treatment for high heart beats.

There are many causes of fast heart beats . some are:

  • Muscle weakness.
  • Anemia.
  • Injury to the heart  from heart attack.
  • Excess consumption  of caffeine or alcohol.
  • Taking illegal drugs.
  • Stress.
  • Smoking.
  • Obesity.

Homeopathy system  of medicine is based on ” Likes cure likes ” principle. .

To treat the high heart beats, there are many Homeo medicines which can be taken as per their symptoms. Bear in mind that choosing a right Homeo medicine is very important. Patient’s  physical condition, age, sex, occupation, likes and dislikes , behavior, habits , when the symptoms become worst, when  the patient feels relief , medicines taken previously, single or married, previous sickness  and so on. Choosing the medicine’s potency needs more attention. 30 potency is the most favorite in normal cases. High potency is useful for rapid relief in chronic diseases . Some Homeo medicine do not effect if used in the potency lower than 200.

The following Homeo medicines , according to  the symptoms, ;can be prescribed for fast heart beats ;

Coca :

Symptoms :         The mountaineer’s remedy, palpitation, exhausted nervous system from physical and mental strain, loss of voice, noises in ear, headache   with vertigo, light waves in front of eyes, desire of alcohol and tobacco, no appetite but for sweets. palpitation with weak heart, difficult to speak,  and  short breath are the common symptoms.


Symptoms : Sad, hopeless, sudden emotions, aggravated, sensation of empty space between forehead and brain, paralysis of right side of face, warts,  pain in  jaws with difficulty in opening mouth, cataract, inflammation of eyelids, spark and dark  spots in front of eyes, ringing in ears, words and steps re-echo, coryza, pimples and warts, paralysis of tongue, gums bleed easily, greasy taste in stomach, feeling of lime burning in stomach, soft and small stool, Involuntary urine when coughing or during first sleep at night, hoarseness with pain in chest, pain in chest with palpitation , can not lie down at night, own voice roars in ears, stiffness between shoulders, left-sided sciatica with numbness.

Arnica Montana :

Symptoms: Inability  to perform continuous active work,  nervous, can not bear pain,  oversensitive, wants to be left alone, head hot with cold body, confused, chronic vertigo, keeps the eyes open , dizzy on closing eyes, blood from ears, nose bleeding after coughing, dry and thirsty mouth, bitter taste, very red face, vomiting of blood, distaste for  milk and meat, pain in stomach during eating, feel pressure in stomach like a stone, angina, pain especially severe in elbow of left arm, stitches in heart, heart pulse irregular and feeble, fatty heart and hypertrophy, great fear of being touched or approached.

Cinchona Officinalis   ( China)

Symptoms :      Fast heart beats due to loss of vital fluids together with a nervous erethism, chronic gout, indifferent, disobedient, feeling if skull would burst, face flushed after hemorrhages, relief in warm room, blue colour around eyes, spots before eyes, external ears sensitive to touch, dirty tongue with burning tip,  liver and spleen swollen and enlarged, jaundice , hacking cough after every meal, sharp pain in left lung, irregular , weak and rapid  heart beats followed by  strong heart beat, can not breath with head low, asthma, very sensitive, much sweat, one hand ice cold the other warm,

Coffea Cruda :

Symptoms ;  excitement, irritability, full of ideas, quick to act, tight headache worse from noise, smell and narcotics, seems as if brain is torn to pieces, as if a nail is being driven in head, worse in open air, dry heat on face with red cheeks,  excessive hunger, sleeps till 3.00 a.m. sleep disturbed by dreams, violent irregular palpitation especially after excessive joy or surprise, rapid high tension pulse and urinary suppression,  systems worsen afternoon and during night, feel better in warmth and lying down .


Symptoms:    Great remedy for congestive headaches, confusion with dizziness, effects of sunstroke, head seem heavy, can not lay on pillow, throbbing headache, very irritable, head feel large, headache increases and decreases with sun, see every thing half light and half dark, letters appear smaller, sparks before eyes, each beat of heart is heard in ears, hot and flushed face, pale and sweaty, collars around neck want to be opened, nausea and vomiting, laborious action of heart, fluttering, palpitation with short breathing, can not go uphill, any exertion bring on rush of  blood to heart and fainting spells , throbbing in the whole body to finger tips, symptoms worse in sun and  exposure to sun rays or open fire.

Cactus Ggrandiflorus :

Symptoms:     Patient sad, fear of death, screams with pain, anxiety, right sided pulsating pain, blood vessels to the heart swollen due to pressure from inside, feelings as if head is compressed in a vise, pulsation in ears, pain returns at the same time, heaviness in stomach, heart weakness, violent palpitation of heart, worse  lying on left side, angina with suffocation, cold sweat, ever present iron band feelings, palpitation with vertigo, very acute and stitches in heart, pulse lacking physical strength, irregular, quick and without strength, low blood pressure.


Symptoms :   Known as heart tonic,  Very nervous and irritable, pain in back of head and neck ,mental dullness, cardiac dropsy (  Dropsy was a term used to describe generalized swelling and was synonymous with heart failure ). aortic disease,  extreme labored breathing, pain in region of  heart and under left clavicle ( technical term for collarbone ), heart muscles seem soft, loose and flashy  ,  heart becomes large, wider and more open, pulse accelerated, irregular , not continuous and steady, chillness, blueness of fingers and toes, symptoms worse in  warm room, better in fresh air, and rest.

Beside above, the following Homeo medicine can be prescribed as per their symptoms.

Lyco podium, Moscuss, Naja Trip, Sambucus, Ignatia, Phosphoric Acid, Nux Vomica,  Tabacum, Thea, Arsenicum Album, Gelsemium,  Digi Tallus . It is strongly recommended to consult a Homeo doctor and let him/her to decide what Homeo medicine will cure the symptoms.

Last words:

You should always take good care of your heart, Regular exercise,  eating heart healthy foods, quitting smoking and maintaining moderate weight will keep you physically  fit . Minimizing alcohol consumption will also help you to maintain your health. Visit your doctor regularly for  physical check ups. Try to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol in safe ranges.

I pray to All-Mighty Allah to bless every one with success and good health.

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